Subject: Re: Macro-writing in CL
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 09:20:45 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* (f_o_o_)
> Where theh hell did you come from? I was not talking to you. 

  For your infornation, dear anonymous idiot, this is a public forum.  This
  means that you do not talk to individual people.  You offer your opinions
  to the public forum and others are free to offer theirs.  This is not the
  highly personal exchange that you think it is.  Such is called "mail", or
  maybe you are more familiar with the name "private chat room", judging by
  your behavior.  I, too, dislike the concerned bystander, but you are in
  fact talking about me, so I fail to see how I am not talked to.  Perhaps
  you are the kind of person who believes that he can slander people
  publicly in what he thinks is private conversation because he does not
  understand that he is shouting in a public place?  You strike me as about
  smart enough to believe such things.

> >   You do not know that I had any previous "judgment over "Biap"".  
> So what was "It has been obvious for quite a while that you are here
> only to talk, not to listen, not to learn, not to appreciate contrary
> opinions and views."

  A statement of fact, that did not influence my judgment of him this time,
  but added the judgment this time to previous judgments.  The causal link
  that you invented in your hostility towards me does not exist.  You see,
  it _is_ possible for other people than yourself to behave rationally and
  not let their previous judgments color what they observe, but still
  _remember_ the past, when and as it becomes relevant.  That you refuse to
  believe this says a whole lot about you that I am luckily relieved of
  putting into explicit terms.

> No good will, mot even negative good will, just wish you take your ususl
> crap and disappear.

  Are you doing a good job in encouraging less crap on this newsgroup?  Are
  you able to observe the fact that until you started posting the crap for
  which you are the _only_ responsible party, there was much less of it?

> No, the issue is you.

  Insight!  This is progress.  To _you_, _I_ am the issue.  This is _your_
  problem, however.  The topic of this newsgroup is _not_ "people that
  anonymous idiots like to attack".  This is public forum, not your living
  room, and you have _no_ power to dictate anything.  Learn to deal with
  it.  If you are only here to complain and whine, you are the root cause
  of the problems you do not like.  Be constructive.  Do what you think
  this newsgroup should be used to do.  It _is_ that simple.  Trolls and
  whining losers like yourself only produce hostility and resentment.

> The fact is that there are plenty of stupid people who have lots of
> people that
> listen to them - it is called politics, not surprising considering
> your cheap
> loong pointless speeches.  You are an infectious disease, like many of
> these
> politicians.

  It looks to me like you are engaged in politics and bad line-breaking.

  Considering that you have absolutely _no_ power to make me do anything,
  and that it looks like you are desperately trying to change that even
  though it is completely futile, have you at all considered that the way
  you go about whatever it is you want, produces the _oppsite_ results, at
  least as far as your incessant whining reaction can tell?

  The only course of action is never, ever to reply to people who refuse to
  identify themselves properly.  This, however, is a prejudgment on people
  who may have reason to hide their identity.  The way to deal with this is
  by using a pseudonym or an alias that at least looks like a real name.
  Since the anonymous idiots cannot even figure _that_ out on their own,
  and we have no idea who are actually behind moet names, anyway, it is
  probably no point in grieving over those who do not sign their posts with
  real names but who _might_ be something other than rabid dogs.  Let us
  safely assume that if you are anonymous, you are an idiot, and not only
  that, you are an idiot out to make trouble.

  Travel is a meat thing.