Subject: Re: Engineering Envy [was: Re: CL and UML]
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 18:37:47 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Erik Naggum
> Well, it sure works wonder to be dissatisfied with the only better choice
> you have.

* Craig Brozefsky
> Oh that's right, there is no alternative.  [Misdirected rant elided.]

  Next time, please try to read what I write.  You somehow managed not even
  to see the word "better" up there.  Omitting that word changes the
  meaning of the sentence to the nonsense you responded to.  Shame on you
  for being so obsessed with your own opinions and your weltanschauung that
  you have no time nor desire to read and understand those of others before
  your knee-jerk reactions set in.

  I should have known better than to respond to you.  You have argued so
  strongly for an insight-free way of seeing things that the hope of
  getting across to you that there are people out here who do not hold the
  standard opposite view of yours is rather slim.  There is just no point
  in reiterating the same old arguments that have failed to work on you
  clueless leftist rebels before, so for the sake of argument, assume that
  I have already realized what your opinions and deeply racist view of
  white people are based on and do _not_ present you with a smorgasbord of
  well-known and mostly invalid arguments that you can dismiss out of sheer
  routine.  It would help the _discussion_ if you also assumed that I had
  read the whole thread and your "deliberations", as well.

  You have completely failed to understand what a number of people have
  tried to commmunicate to you and instead respond as if you had a regexp
  argument matcher, caring about neither false positive nor false negative
  matches in the Perl fashion of using regexps.  Like some people who have
  "trigger words" for the groups they believe are their opponnents and
  pidgeon-hole them upon using such words, you seem to have latched onto a
  set of arguments that respond not to a single thing anyone have said, but
  instead to some caricature of a standardized opponent, much like you talk
  about "the same people" both cultivating in the past and now exploiting
  those poor, helpless retarded people that could never in their lifetime
  have done anything to improve their miserable life under "imperialism"
  until Craig Brozefsky came along to explain everything to them.

  It is downright insulting to those who have tried to reach you despite
  the silly regurgitated "imperialist" and "exploitation" agitation that
  function so well as "trigger words" for pidgeon-holing you as a "leftist
  rebel without a clue".  I am quite sure you had a brain when you accepted
  all those emotive "arguments", so if you work a little on it, it might
  yet work to receive arguments once again, perhaps even non-emotive ones
  now that you have grown a little older.  You see, it looks like you have
  none at all when you fail to grasp that you are no longer succeeding with
  all that standard far-leftist rhetoric.  I can talk to such phrase-book
  parroting robots locally any time I want to waste my time, but here on
  comp.lang.lisp, I expect more.  _Especially_ more intelligence at work.

  The rest of your article is similarly misdirected.

  Global warming is caused by too many humans not keeping their cool.