Subject: Re: So, where's the "Javadoc" for COMMON Lisp?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 16:07:14 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Kent M Pitman <>
> People are allowed to believe things because  most of us (probably
> yourself included) think it is immoral to try to control others' minds.

  Not so.  Several people here think it is entirely moral, even their
  goddamn _duty_, to control _my_ mind, and not only that, they make a huge
  stink about telling people what my intentions are, because they _want_
  others to think I am as bad as their nightmares.  Now, I could not care
  less what people think I want to do, but I do in fact care when _many_
  people systematically portray _everything_ I do as bad, no matter what I
  have done, in fact _whether_ I have done anything at all.  _Those_ are
  the lunatics of comp.lang.lisp.  Somehow, they are tolerated much more
  than I am.  That actually _puzzles_ me.

> Erik, I've often defended some of your more colorful language as harmless
> when others have claimed it similarly not contributing.  That didn't mean
> I didn't understand how someone's feelings could get hurt; just that I
> think at some point we have to rely on the good sense of those  involved
> to sort out the difference between "statements" and "truth", etc.  I
> think similarly here, I can understand why you are upset, but I also
> think your sparring partner is engaging in "colorful language" and I
> think people watching can tell the difference.

  That was not the point of referring to said bastard that way.  It is
  impossible for me to say _anything_ without that kind of fraud coming to
  tear it down for reasons of his own personal agenda, completely unrelated
  to either form of contents of what I have said.  There is _nothing_ in
  what I do that controls people's reactions to it, anymore.  They are
  self-propelled lunatics by now.  Whether I am nice to people or bomb them
  has absolutely no bearing on the reactions of those people.  When that
  wet little turds like that insulting newbie thought he had the right to
  do what he did, he had absorbed that impression from other people here.
  One of the worst current perpetrators is Barry Margolin, whom people I
  have talked to on other topics have spontaneously mentioned is obviously
  unable to read anything I write at all without going ballistic.  And he
  says he is afraid of me.  How does anyone expect people to react to such
  lunacy?  There is so much irrationality in a few people on this newsgroup
  that it is hard for "newbies" not to be scared away, but then they blame
  _me_ for it because that the is consensus among the lunatics.  I do not
  believe in the Christian and Jewish concept of scape goats, but there is
  no doubt that if the people who behave incredibly destructively here did
  not have me to blame for their very own evil behavior, somebody would
  have shot _all_ of them instead of just trying to get me.

> I even think it's fine for you to cite the fact that you take exception
> to the form of what he said.  I just hope neither of you will dwell on it.

  I take exception to the fact that he portrays _everything_ I do as bad,
  not the form in which he said it.  How could I possibly care about form?

  I have never _dwelled_ on the disturbed reactions of lunatics.  That does
  not mean they do not annoy me when they insist on not going away.   ///