Subject: Re: On Lisp
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 13:24:27 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Janos Blazi" <>
> I have never contributed anything to the CL community but I hope I may
> speak out my mind in spite of that.

  Sure.  It just does not carry any weight at all.  You are irrelevant,

> In my opinion CL is fascinating but I do not use it.

  This makes you even more irrelevant.

> Python is not very fascinating but I use it.  I am even heavily using it
> at the moment.

  So go annoy the Python people.

> Here is my wish list for Lisp.

  In other words, what other people need to do to help you use Lisp, when
  you have not done anything yourself.

[ Irrelevant wish list deleted. ]

> There are so many very knowledgable people in this NG, they could do all
> that in a few months.  If they wanted to.

  What would they get in return?  Having Janos Blazi as a user?  That is
  just such a fantastic incentive!  I for one strongly prefer that you use
  Python and not Common Lisp and post your drivel there instead of here.

> I think of course that Lisp enforces upon the programmer a mor subtle way
> of thinking about his concepts and this will always narrow down the group
> of its potential users.

  Precisely, and that means that the reluctance to give your work away to
  people who are up-front about their unappreciativeness is correspondingly
  reduced because the chance of "hitting" someone out there who might be
  worth by chance it is so much slimmer.

  I believe that the period of luxury that allowed the whole industry to
  cater to the poverty-stricken at the expense of those who wanted to take
  part in the wealth-creation is about to come to an end.  This is not a
  bad thing, except for those who will remain poor no matter what.  There
  is no point in marketing towards that community, either.

  Why do you even hang around here, Janos Blazi?