Subject: Re: packages
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 17:49:18 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Vojin Jovanovic
> Of course I am hopelessly confused since CLISP documentation is not
> helping me.

  But this is really about making a new package that picks and chooses
  symbols from another package than of using or unusing some packages

> I tried what Kent suggested but as you know I can't get to be in the
> automatically in the package that I defined in the file (I still have to
> study your initialization file to see what you do).

  My initialization file is for Allegro CL 5, actually, but you might be
  able to find something fairly similar in CLISP.  I have no idea, though.

> However, the following I don't understand.
> In the CLISP implementation notes it says
> Classes [CLHS-4.3]
> The CLOS symbols are EXPORTed from the package "CLOS" and thus normally
> visible in all user packages. If you do not want them (for example, if you
> want to use the PCL implementation of CLOS instead of the native one), do

  The symbols you talk about are not "CLOS symbols".  defclass, for
  instance, is in the common-lisp package.  Whether it came from a CLOS
  package is quite immaterial when you use the common-lisp package.

> I thought that defclass is defined in CLOS.  Isn't that a part of object
> oriented system?

  I think you may confuse packages with something else.  Try to evaluate
  (symbol-package 'defclass) and see what you get.

> I would try that if I knew how to do that.  If you can be a little more
> specific it would be appreciated.

  I suggest you start with reading up on defpackage.

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