Subject: Re: 3 Lisps, 3 Ways of Specifying OS
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 01:03:20 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Rajappa Iyer
| Meanwhile, how about explaining your dishonesty in posting email?

  What is _dishonest_ about that?  And why is that relevant to the fact
  that you post two-year old vague memories of a painful experience that
  you want to use to smear Debian unfairly for what looks like a stupid
  operator error and do not accept that people who have a _very_ different
  opinion than you do post corrections to your false claims and a different
  take on it all?  Why is it so important to have your false accusations
  against Debian stand unchallenged?  You have failed to come up with the
  only thing that could redeem yourself: _evidence_.  All you now claim is
  that this is so long ago, you are vague, you no longer remember, etc.
  Why then is the _conclusion_ still valid?  Why do you _still_ believe
  that Debian suffers the kind of problems you have _attributed_ to it with
  what looks very much like idiotic prejudice and an enraged ignorance that
  lashes out in random directions until it find something to attack and
  then it keeps attacking no matter what the result is.  Now you have gone
  from attacking Debian to attacking me, with equally outlandishly stupid
  and unfair nonsense.  What is _wrong_ with you?

  And do you think I am bound by the choices made by a deranged lunatic who
  chooses to use e-mail to mount such a fantastically moronic personal
  attack on me?  It was _obviously_ meant for public consumption by the
  very nature of the message.  Insults and the like are _not_ private.  The
  person who receives an insult has the _right_ to post it _because_ it is
  hurtful and damaging if it is _not_ made publicly visible.  The only
  defense anyone can possibly have against using personal communication to
  harrass and insult people is precisely to post it and make the community
  aware of the behavior of those who do such things.  If you do not want to
  have the mail you send exposed by people who do not want to respect your
  desire to keep it private when you clearly do not respect the recipient
  at all, adjust your behavior accordingly: Do not mail people any insults
  over which you want to maintain control of distribution.  It is that easy.

  I really thought you had done yourself in, but just how stupid _are_ you,
  Rajappa Iyer?  Do you think _you_ have right to privacy when you choose
  to invade people's private mail with unwelcome and insulting messages?
  You _violate_ people's privacy by doing that, and then _you_ whine when
  you get exposed?  Why?  Get a grip on yourself and snap out of your
  stupid hostility.  You are the transgressor here.  You lie about Debian,
  you choose to call people clueless, you refer to other people's concerns
  over your ways "rants".  What do you _expect_?  And then you mail people
  insults?  How the hell did you think you could even _believe_ you could
  get away with that?

  I think you actually made a third-party application upgrade to your brain
  and that the base system got seriously screwed up.  Reinstall and reboot!

  Norway is now run by a priest from the fundamentalist Christian People's
  Party, the fifth largest party representing one eighth of the electorate.
  The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.   -- Richard Hamming