Subject: Re: 3 Lisps, 3 Ways of Specifying OS
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 04:10:09 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Rajappa Iyer <>
| What's the matter, can't take your own medicine?  What's sauce for the
| goose is sauce for the gander.  If you don't like being called a crook,
| feel free to stop calling others dishonest.

  So the _only_ thing that I have ever actually done _wrong_ that you can
  grab onto is that you think I "misrepresented" your insult as an obvious
  case of a public message?  Why, thank you!  I thought I had done a lot
  more bad things in my life than just that, but since you have found
  absolutely _nothing_ of substance to attack me for besides your pathetic
  outrage over having your incredibly stupid transgression posted under my
  interpretation as it being an obvious public message, I am _honored_.
  But why is that a wrong interpreration, by the way -- please explain why
  your incredibly stupid insult was an instance of _proper_ use of personal
  communication.  If something is _not_ a proper use of a personal means of
  communication when you have been communicating publicly previously in the
  exact same way, is it not a _valid_ conclusion that you made a mistake?
  Just because it makes you appear to be a stinking piece of shit does not
  mean that you have anything to complain about.  You brought this _all_ on
  yourself, buddy.  Small-time newsgroup terrorists who cannot deal with a
  simple correction to their emotionally based propaganda originating in
  stale painful experiences, but who blow up and become so irrational that
  they completely lose track of what they _could_ do to improve their own
  situation (namely: provide _evidence_ backing their opinions, for the
  umpteenth time!), simply need to be shot down.  In time, 90% of those who
  behave this way and get shot down realize the simple corrections to the
  errors of their ways and figure out that they should think and check the
  _facts_ they talk about before posting any ludicrous drivel in the
  future,  The real idiots learn nothing, insist they did nothing wrong,
  and come back to haunt the newsgroup with ever more insane "opinions".
  (Then they will complain that other people do not tolerate differences of
  opinion, despite the fact that _they_ do not tolerate that others post
  opinions differing from theirs, illustrating that the real problem is
  that other people do not agree with _them_, and they cannot argue for
  their opinions, anymore, so anyone who does not agree with them, cannot
  deal with "differing opinions".  You have a mental illness indication in
  two words right there.  Just so you know, Rajappa Iyer, this may happen
  to you some time down the line.  It seems to take an inordinate inability
  to back down from a demonstrably wrong position for it to happen, and you
  have at least admitted that you are vague and remember nothing of value
  about your painful Debian experiences of two years ago, so you could, in
  theory, just hold on to your stupid opinion out of a desire not to lose
  face, which will wane over time, and this stage might not happen to you.)

| Your amusement, such as it is, seems to be a manifestation of your
| psychoses.  I suggest that you take your medication and reflect on why
| you're the only one with whom this exchange has deteriorated to this
| level.

  Why are you so intent upon telling the whole world that your worst
  nightmare would be to have to take medication to control your mental
  illness?  I think your ability to count has suffered tremendously, too.
  There are two people in this exchange.  A psychosis is the inability to
  distinguish reality from purely mental constructions, one such obvious
  case being the inability to see oneself as part of the problem, but you
  share that with almost every rabid idiot who gets into flamewars on
  USENET.  There is nothing unique with me -- your behavior would get you
  into serious trouble wherever anyone cares about truth and honesty and so
  crack down on propagandizing lying idiots.  You see, you have in fact
  been posting a lot of false accusations against Debian based on your
  vague memories and long past painful experiences whose substance you have
  now forgotten.  Psychosis is a pretty good name for living in a world
  where emotions shape your _perception_ of reality to the point where you
  can no longer deal with the facts, can no longer _remember_ the facts
  that shaped your emotions, and refuse to update your emotions when you
  must have seen that the facts have changed.  I am a little surprised that
  you tell us, by way of choosing your insults to unintelligently, that you
  are very, very afraid of the stigma of psychosis.  Why this fear?  Anyone
  who has figured out what people base their insults on knows that they
  tell an interesting story about the person who does the insulting, and
  has absolutely no relevance for the person insulted if this is known.
  Unless, of course, the insult is based in fact, but the only facts we
  have on USENET are what people choose to post.  Some people tend to
  forget that and start to presume things about other people based on what
  _they_ think someone they can barely see through their emotional rage
  must be like -- but that is just a mirror image of their own dark side.

  It is fascinating to watch people drag in completely insane and out-of-
  context things to try to insult other people and the only effect they
  achieve is to tell everybody else what _they_ have a problem with.  One
  would have thought that people recognized this, but I believe people who
  blow up this way have never been challenged intellectually and actually
  believe thay are smart and in control of their lives, neither of which
  are true, and when they realize that they are not, react violently.

| To the rest of the group: my apologies for this flamewar, I did try to
| take it email, but...

  Intelligent people do not take flamewars to e-mail.  Only rabit idiots
  keep flaming people in private communication.  You have proven that you
  have _no_ desire to stop the flaming, so the halo you appear to don now
  is a particularly egregious case of, in your words, "a transparent excuse
  if there were ever one".  Again, thank you for supplying us with more
  details on your own modus operandi when your brain has snapped.

  The only solution to your problem, however, is to provide _evidence_ of
  the alleged problems you had with Debian's package system, which you have
  so far refused to offer, admit that you were mistaken if you cannot find
  such evidence, and retract your negative propaganda against Debian as
  outdated and irrelevant.  Since this seems to be impossible for you, you
  destroy your credibility with every message you post that does _not_
  contain such evidence.  And since I keep telling you this and you have a
  serious authority problem, you will not abide by this request at _any_
  cost, either.  I also find this particular part of the stupid behavior of
  net.idiots quite amusing: It would blow any criticism of their stupid
  behavior out of the water if they could swallow their pride, so the only
  thing under _real_ attack is that pride.  Imagine having tied your pride
  to being _wrong_!  It really is quite hilarious.

  Now, let us see if a pathetic knee-jerk response is the best you can do.

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