Subject: Re: Design patterns for Lisp
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 01:46:15 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Kent M Pitman <>
| My only problem with this is that things are ALREADY sped up.  What's the
| point of running a zillion times faster than the machines of yesteryear,
| yet still not be willing to sacrifice a dime of it to anything other than
| doing the same kinds of boring computations that you did before?  I want
| speedups not just to make my same old boring life faster, but to buy me
| the flexibility to do something I wasn't willing to do at slower speeds.

  Well, you could do what the other "innovative" guys out there do: Create
  another amazingly idiotic virus for some idiotic Microsoft product used
  by millions if not billions of people who would rather die than think
  about what they are doing, and, to misquote Bertrand Russel, in fact they
  do.  That would certainly satisfy "to do something I wasn't willing to do
  at slower speeds", but the speed was probably not the reason.   :)

  Seriously, software secure from Microsoftitis (the leprosy of software)
  would be something that computers could help us attain.  However, it
  would take an act of Congress to finally turn around and notice that if a
  bank that was repeatedly robbed of all its money because it had the level
  of security for which Microsoft's products are famous, had tried to blame
  "crackers" and had taken _no_ precautions for twenty years to prevent
  these incidents from happening, the government would have shut them down
  and incarcerated the (ir)responsible owners and (mis)managers.

  The fact that the U.S. Government does not stop Microsoft from making and
  distributing software that aids and abets electronic terrorists means
  that they are harboring terrorists, according to the standards set by
  Presiding Dimwit George W. Bush (who has reverted to pre-9/11 blabbering
  with the highest pause-to-speak ratio of all present public figures).
  The only solution is to bomb the shit out of Microsoft's headquarters and
  their offices around the world, and to wage war on electronic terrorist
  trainer and leader William H. Gates III.  If the world has finally had
  enough of terrorism, what will it take to make people tire of the crap
  that Microsoft produces and demand the end of their terrorist reign?
  The past is not more important than the future, despite what your culture
  has taught you.  Your future observations, conclusions, and beliefs are
  more important to you than those in your past ever will be.  The world is
  changing so fast the balance between the past and the future has shifted.