Subject: Re: Nagging Naggum
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 00:29:41 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Rajappa Iyer <>
| Like Jean-François, I've been lurking in c.l.l. for a long time and I,
| for one, feel that Erik's posts have become increasingly
| content-free... so much so that it may not be a bad thing for either
| him personally or c.l.l. if he were to take a break from posting.

  Perhaps it has something to do with the amazingly irritating habit of
  fucks like that frog-eating vermin and possibly yourself to do nothing
  but annoy me, talk about me, flame me, etc?  You offer us _nothing_ of
  value whatsoever, destroy any there might be, and you have the _gall_ to
  complain about somebody else's contributions?  Fuck you.

  Just contribute intelligently and constructively on Common Lisp, you
  goddamn asswipes!  The more you pathetic losers whine, the less _worthy_
  you are of anybody's thoughts on anything.  Do not be surprised that you
  do not receive much useful input from people and communities _you_ choose
  to attack.  Might I remind you retards that I have done _none_ of you
  guys _anything_ at all and that there is _nothing_ I can do to prevent
  you specimens from going mental the way you do?  Shit-for-brains like
  that French fuck come out of the blue with _no_ constructive purpose
  whatsoever.  This is _unique_ to those who attack me.  This is why you
  scumbags are much less tolerated than anyone else ever will be.

  I would actually appreciate a moderated comp.lang.lisp.  It would keep
  the fucking retards out, and removing the source of irritation removes
  the reactions to the irritants.  People like you with the mental capacity
  of bird droppings do not understand their own role but blame someone else
  for their very own behavior.  This is why you are _serious_ irritants.

  This is _not_ a forum for your personal feelings about anybody else.
  That you insufferable idiots do not understand this is perhaps the root
  cause of your incessant need to bother the world with your coping
  problems.  If you cannot cope with the reality you live in, just go die,
  do not bother other people with it so they are forced to cope with you.

  And before you judge me yet again, take a good look at how this year has
  started.  If you think I get disappointed and hurt because yet another
  despicable asshole chose to stage a fight here with me, you are quite
  right.  If you think a reeking French moron inspires me to help you guys
  with anything and post insightful messages or share code with you, _do_
  think again.  _You_ are the problem.  _You_ keep coming back to attack me
  out of the blue for nothing in particular.  _You_ use this newsgroup as a
  sounding board for your _insane_ hatred of me.  Get the fuck out of here
  and think about what you are doing!  You have absolutely no business even
  _considering_ complaining about anybody else here or elsewhere.  The fact
  that you behave the way you do _validates_ and _approves_ my behavior for
  the whole next millennium.  If you really do not like what I do, THINK IT
  THROUGH, and find a way to inspire me to want to be helpful to you.  Do
  you do that?  No, you choose to attack, which is precisely what you think
  is _wrong_!  Instead, you tell me that it is correct and proper to attack
  you pricks for _your_ behavior.

  But worse, you are not even smart enough to make it part of a reasonably
  on-topic response that ties the reaction to a _specific_ action!  You are
  _only_ hateful terrorists on a mission from your deity to pillage and
  rape the community you invade, like throwbacks to a time of non-thinking
  cave-dwelling brutes, which you are and mistake everybody else for, too.
  I react to what people do in terms of clearly invalid logic, opinionated
  ignorance and the arrogance that goes with it, posting lies and other
  false information, insisting on destroying what other people do, etc, and
  I confine myself to precisely that which that person does.  When that
  person starts thinking (yes, it happens, but you would never notice it,
  because you _cannot_ think, and do not detect it when it happens), or
  simply goes away, so does my criticism.  You pussballs, however, attack
  _only_ the person, there is no way to appease you, and you do not quit.

  The sheer stupidity and amazing lack of intelligence displayed by those
  who attack me here reaches record lows for mankind.  Congratulations!  I
  do not think you can do better, quite unlike ever other person here that
  I have ever criticized for anything, and most of those improve.  The sick
  fucks who come to comp.lang.lisp only to attack me, or indeed anyone,
  prove to the whole planet that you are poster boys for abortion rights,
  and none of you ever "recover" from your deeply ingrained personality
  disorders that made you post your stenching filth in the first place.

  Go ahead, prove my point!