Subject: Re: moderation (was Re: Nagging Naggum)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 13:18:33 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* (Kaz Kylheku)
| You don't need a parental figure to control your behavior. Why can't you
| just *not* post in reaction, all by yourself?

  With all due respect, I think you are missing his point.  The whole point
  that Jean-François Brouillet is making is that it is my fault that he and
  other lunatics like him have to post insane flames and expose themselves
  as deranged morons when they experience a serious failure to cope with
  the reality they live in.  If these people were at all capable of being
  responsible for their own behavior to begin with, they would never have
  had the personality disorders they have.  The desire to _attack_ someone
  because you have built up anger against them even though you have never
  been hurt directly is perhaps not insane in itself, but lacking the self-
  control to stop yourself from acting on it _is_.  Since most people are
  well aware of just how insane it is to attack someone else unprovoked by
  anything they have actually done, those who really _are_ deranged will
  resort to "you made me do it", discarding every shred of mental stability
  in the process, as we see when they think people are "clones" of the
  enemy they have chosen to attack, and they are even so out of control
  that they attack innocent people and blame what somebody else have done
  to them for it.  Just watch Jean-François Brouillet and how he makes all
  of his behavioral and personality problems _my_ fault.  In his view, he
  is a puppet and I hold the strings.  The fact that he is out of control
  is obvious to anyone, but I hold no strings.  Instead of realizing just
  how insane it is to become so emotionally worked up about something you
  start to attack people and seeking help to get over his problems, he is
  the kind of person that goes from private insane rage to public insane
  attacks.  Ever noticed how actual discussions heat up slowly, but how
  Jean-François Brouillet come out of nowhere screaming and with his gun
  blazing?  Ever noticed how these insane attackers _always_ behave this
  way?  They are _not_ party to the discussion, they never have a real
  argument to offer, and they enter with guns blazing.  Nobody else do
  that: those that these insane attackers attack, spend a considerable
  amount of time trying to get the other party to understand what is at
  stake, because they usually want something constructive and are deeply
  frustrated by the other party, but these insane attackers have nothing to
  offer _anyone_ -- they are just out to attack their enemy for no reason
  other than their own personal insanity.  They cannot be told to quit,
  either, because _they_ are not controlling their own behavior, their
  chosen enemy has all the fault for their raging insanity.  There is in
  fact _nothing_ that this enemy can do, either -- if there were, these
  people would have suggested it _before_ becoming insanely enraged.

  One can understand that people who are in a fight may get worked up while
  defending themselves (but attacking innocent bystanders it indefensible).
  The sheer insanity of Jean-François Brouillet and his like cannot be
  explained with reference to normal people; suggestions that work on
  normal people do not work on them.  You _have_ to refer people who react
  the way he and those like him do to the medical profession.  Whether they
  were once "triggered" by something that happened outside of their own
  fantasy world or not is immaterial by the time they chose to attack and
  blame someone else for their behavior.  This is simply not something
  people who have a healthy mental state do.  In my view, when somebody has
  done what Jean-François Brouillet has done, they have proven to the whole
  world that they lack impulse control and thus are _dangerous_.  Who can
  tell what will drive them to attack someone next?  They came out of
  nowhere and they had become insanely enraged while watching something
  from afar.  Being a public figure, which I guess I am, means that some
  things like Jean-François Brouillet this will seek me out, and he has
  also shown us his deep hatred for politicians, another prime target for
  the really insane nutjobs out there.  If he keeps it up, I think there is
  ample reason to alert the local police of the powder-keg in their midst,
  who has already demonstrated that he blows up and is out of control.

  Now, let us have another display of the fireworks known as Jean-François
  Brouillet blowing up and being completely out of control.  These folks
  are as predictable as time bombs and never figure out that they can just
  seize control over their irrational rage -- if they could, they would not
  have blown up to begin with, and such a personality trait is not cured by
  reasoning with them.