Subject: Jean-Francois Brouillet
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 02:07:25 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

  If anyone still thinks that Jean-François Brouillet is concerned with
  politeness and courtesy, I offer this in the hopes that this amazingly
  rude person may realize that his is not the way to win the power games he
  plays.  This article is primarily intended for his future employers and
  the search engines that will be used in the future to judge people.  To
  those who still think that there is _anything_ I can do to stop this guy,
  think again.  People like him will continue to plague the Net for all
  forseeable future, and they attack whoever they think is the "king" of
  some forum.  It has nothing to do with that "king's" behavior -- they
  will use _whatever_ flaw they can find as the basis of their attacks.
  The simple fact is that psychopaths like Jean-François Brouillet need to
  feel in power.  And this is how they try to achieve it.  The _only_ way
  to deal with these people is to continue to expose them and let them
  destroy themselves.  The lack of any long-term planning among psychopaths
  also means that dangers to their future do not matter, because they have
  none.  Unfortunately, this will become a police matter in a few days if
  he is the kind of person I think he is, and he will indeed have no future
  to speak of, long-term planning or not.

  One important lesson to those who actually want politeness and courtesy:
  You will be expected to be out of control and out of your mind if you try
  to make such a desire public.  Everyone who has tried so far has been
  amazingly self-destructive and seriously out of balance.  The evil that
  is perpetrated and perpetuated by these people is an order of magnitude
  worse than what they pretend to want to get rid of.  People who have seen
  what kind of "weapon" a demand for politness and courtesy really is, will
  not trust _anyone_ who wields it to be constructive.  Politeness and
  courtesy does _not_ work to keep bad people in line.  If it did, those
  who think I am bad would have employed it rather than its opposite, so
  they clearly think it works much better to beat people up if they do not
  behave.  So much for the actual social value of politeness and courtesy.

  And finally, to those who did not see the point with the car accident
  "prediction" at the time it was made: It was intended to show you and the
  nutjob in question just _how_ much weight he attaches to what I say, even
  when it is obviously out of this world.  The way he reacts to that silly
  joke of a prediction is a significant part of my diagnosis of him.  My
  goal has been to expose this guy as completely out of control and out of
  touch with reality.  I believe I have succeeded magnificently, but it
  could not have been done without his very willing assistance.  I think
  the end result is quite amusing to watch, actually.  It is not often that
  one can enjoy the spectacle of one's attacker going to pieces.

Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 00:10:17 +0000
Subject: Re: Unwelcome mail from the stalkers
From: Jean-Fran=?ISO-8859-1?B?5w==?=ois Brouillet <>
To: Erik Naggum <>
CC: <>, <>, <>,
   <>, <tfb@OCF.Berkeley.EDU>
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(CC list: you've received this because you sent me direct email Re: Naggum.
 email me back, and I'll remove you from this list;
 BCC list: the same applies to you of course; you know who you are ;-)

Naggum, you are even more stupid than what I thought. Go publish this,
and show the world what abject sub-human you are. Go ahead.
> "What really told me that Jean-François Brouillet is a certifiable
> psychopath was his attempt at conditional apologies."

Because of this ?????

>> Really?  So start.  Apologize for your behavior.  Promise never to repeat
>> what you have done.
> How easy it would be for me to comply. If only the same could be said from
> some other people.
> [...]
> So here's the deal: I apologize for "Nagging Naggum" to the extent that
> Mr Naggum himself apologizes for his past rudeness.

Because I challenged you first to apologize for the evil you have done?

Because there was no reason I should apologize for you!

You see, low-life, there's no reason I should be ashamed OF YOUR BEHAVIOR.
I didn't attack ANY of the persons you have attacked in the past.
I have only attacked YOU.

And I *would apologize* for having attacked a single person (because
attacking someone is not my normal way of doing things, I'm always, ALWAYS
on the side of the victims), even if that person was YOU, if that person
was showing any sign of remorse, or of being human.

But your humanity is sub-standard, Naggum. You don't deserve to live.
You have shown times and tines again that you're hopelessly out of reach
of medical treatment.

And I even learned that you're a Lisp know-nothing that is wrong half of
the time.

You have a f*cking big mouth, Naggum, but a very small brain, indeed.

You're a danger for mankind, Naggum. Accept this basic truth, and do us a
favor: go die!

Show you have the balls! Publish this email! In its entirety, Rich
Unrecoverably Deep Shit!

Jean-François Brouillet  --  Should have died a quarter of a moon ago in a
French Vermin, Moron, Crétin, Imbécile -- car accident that never happened