Subject: Re: Discussions, was Re: Why is Scheme not a Lisp?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 03:24:34 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

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  Oh, great, another thread of huffing and puffing moralists on a mission.

  Stefan, this is what happens when you post such messages.  Jerks who have
  no moral fiber of their own but are outraged by the immorality they see
  in others _always_ come crawling out of the woodwork when someone posts
  such off-topic messages as you do.  Again, please try to understand why
  it is an exceptionally bad idea to PUBLICLY POST a request for _others_
  to use private communication.  Rolf Mach does not _understand_ your point
  even though he "completely agrees" with you.  I mean, just how stupid can
  you get?  This is because there is always something wrong with _other_
  people in the eyes of moralistic retards like that.  Intellectual
  dishonesty at it worst is displayed in people who fail so utterly to
  grasp the message but you suddenly feel righeous about their anger.

  So, AVOID THE GERMAN XANALYS OFFICE!  They hire _managers_ who have no
  idea when it is a good idea to be an official spokesperson for their
  company and when they have a typical Southern German _personal_ opinion.
  God knows what they will do if they do not "like" the software you make.

  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.