Subject: Re: " Eric free" languages
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 05:08:34 GMT
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* Adam Tissa <>
| BTW, does anyone know who Eric's current employer is ?
| I would like to email them a sample of the abuse that he posts here.

  Why do you take part in such obvious hate campaigns?  Are you such an
  easy mark that you do not even recognize that you have been had?  Do not
  feed the trolls.  Watch the newsgroups header to see that "S Campion" is
  violating a large number of newsgroups with his attacks, and so are you.
  Followups are set to comp.lang.lisp, only, where we are more used to your
  kind than the innocent newsgroups to which this was cross-posted.

  I do not post in the name of any employers.  However, please let me know
  who yours is, so I can show your employer (1) that you consider it your
  employer's business what you do on the Net, and (2) what you do on the
  Net.  This would be fair, would it not?  So be careful what you wish for.

  What would your employer do with you if he got a complaint from someone?
  Would he not ask what your role is?  A crank who just calls to complain
  about other people who has done nothing to that person is dismissed out
  of hand.  You have attacked me, so I have a case against you, but you
  have no case against me at all.  You see, in my culture, the employer
  does not own his employees and has no say over what they do as long as
  they do not represent the employer in any way.  In your culture, I must
  assume that the employer has the power to require obedience to standards
  of conduct even off duty, lest they be fired.  I must also assume that
  you consider it just punishment for not having attacked you in any way
  that somebody get into trouble with such an owner of their life.  I
  regret to inform you that my culture is not like this at all -- in my
  culture, an accusation like you want to make is much more likely to be
  considered good evidence of _your_ behavioral problems.

  Now, I have never said anything harsh or critical or even unwelcome to
  you, in fact, I have never even _seen_ your name until now.  Yet you find
  it the most prudent approach to attack me out of the blue, piggybacking
  off another very hostile attack out of the blue.  You choose to post not
  one, but _four_ very hostile messages, and more are undoubtedly coming.
  Despite the lack of personal involvement, you feel such personal anger
  that you have set aside all ethical concerns, if any, and let it rage
  uncontrollably.  This is very interesting.  You see, normally, people get
  into heated exchanges over a particular topic they care very much about
  -- emotion is a result of passion _for_ something, and they may start
  small and escalate, but they never start off with an all-out flame like
  yours with a passion _against_ someone.  You see, normally, exchanges
  vary in temperature but stay pretty focused on the topic at hand, but
  yours is an unfettered hostility that has no constructive purpose or
  contents at all.  What, precisely, is it that you think I do wrong that
  you do not do much worse yourself and consider perfectly OK?  I mean, I
  never ask for anyone's employer -- if they flaunt it in a 23-line
  signature, say, or they explicitly speak for their company, sure, I
  implicate the employer, but otherwise not.  This is pretty basic.

  But who is this "Adam Tissa"?  I have _no_ idea and I have no desire to
  learn to know ths person, but I know something about him: He is a person
  who attacks people who have _not_ provoked him in any way and he does not
  even defend anyone or even anything he cares about, he is a person who
  wants only _other_ people to behave better while _he_ shall be free to
  hurt people as he pleases, and on top of this he is a person cannot
  control his anger.  I already know more than I ever wanted to know about
  Adam Tissa.  However, this is a fairly classical "enraged bystander", one
  who actually thinks he can remain a bystander while he hurls attacks at
  other people.  Adam, news is not a sitcom and your comments are not idle
  comments that you hurl at your TV.  You are _part_ of the problem, now.
  Please realize this and temper yourself.

  Finally, if you would like others to behave well, start with yourself.
  If you have a technical point relevant to comp.lang.lisp, just make it.
  If you are a troll, be prepared to be hated everywhere you go.  If you
  cannot behave and have nothing to say, please do it privately.

  My apologies to the irrelevant newsgroups to which S Campion and Adam
  Tissa made it relevant for me to post a rebuttal.  Follows have been
  directed to comp.lang.lisp.
  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.