Subject: Re: Xanalys Germany (was Re: Discussions, was Re: Why is Scheme not a Lisp?)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 11:19:22 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp,comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <>

* (
| And you are too immature and egocentric to behave ?

  No, that would be you.  I am not like you, and I can say that because you
  have chosen to introduce yourself to me the way you have.  Please do not
  insult people by extrapolating from yourself -- it gets you into trouble.
  I tend to get very irritated by stupid people like yourself, especially
  when they are both so conceited and so ill-behaving that they post such
  moronic rhetorical questions and do not realize that they have just told
  the whole world they are too immature and egocentric to behave.  However,
  good thinking to post from, the next best thing to anonymous
  and a virtual haven for bad people.  Still, one must judge people on a
  case by case basis -- most people behave differently when they deal with
  retarded pricks and intelligent people.  If you just assume that somebody
  is a prick and approach them with that assumption, the other person does
  not need to assume anything about you -- he _knows_.

  I do not recall having said anything at all towards you, ever, yet you
  think it is appropriate to attack me on this our first encounter.  I find
  this quite interesting in people.  Politeness in my book is when you
  always approach people as individuals and with as clean a slate as
  possible, and engage in a discussion with them based on how you react to
  eachother in a particular context, not based on prejudice or hatred, like
  you do, and like several other people who claim that they are concerned
  that only other people behave well do.

  I actually believe that people who choose to attack other people for no
  reason other than their _own_ feelings towards them, especially on their
  very first encounter, are clinically insane and should be locked up.
  Therefore, when such a person chooses to talk about _other_ people's
  behavior, I not only know that they are dangerous and violent from their
  lack of ability to control their anger and approach people as individuals
  that may react differently to them than to others, I have reason to
  suspect that they are psychotic and see things and so out of touch with
  reality in general that they cannot be expected to read and understand
  _anything_ that the subject of their strong and irrational hatred have to
  say in their defense.  Therefore, replying to such people as yourself is
  an exercise in diplomacy towards all the people with whom you have chosen
  to share your accusation.  However, it is characteristic of your kind of
  people not to tolerate a defense, but to operate in "one truth" mode.

  You would understand my position if you had the wherewithal to understand
  your _own_ role and behavior and had been far less concerned with that of
  others, but you seem to have the same appreciation for hypocrisy as all
  the others who spend their time _not_ contributing to a forum, _not doing
  anything to change the tone they do not like, _not_ understanding that
  behavior like yours is the root cause of the hostility and irritation,
  and moreover, is self-fulfilling and self-propelling.  If you think this
  is smart behavior on your part, consider moving to the Middle East.  I
  hear some recently vacated caves without Internet access have low rent.

  The reason people like you are so concerned with other people's behavior
  is that the only way you can be treated nicely is if other people do not
  treat you as you deserve -- all good and/or intelligent people give each
  other a second chance, but bad and/or stupid people never do -- they
  think they know "enough" about other people to make up their mind.  So
  instead of responding to what people _write_ in any given article, they
  do just what you do: they respond to their image of another person, made
  up in their own personality and their own image.  The need to have people
  "like" them is so strong that they attack anyone who does not give the
  impression of liking bad and/or stupid people, lest it be widespread.  It
  is therefore understandable that bad and/or stupid people always behave
  badly when they attack others for not being nice to a fellow bad and/or
  stupid person -- they identity with any vermin who is treated as he
  deserves.  The clue to get out of this situation is simply not to
  identify with vermin.  Try to face people on a case by case basis, and
  people will treat you well if you deserve it.  It really is that simple,
  but your kind will probably never figure out what your role is and that
  you can change it.  That is why your only hope is that other people are
  nice to you.  Now, go away and ba a bad and/or stupid person elsewhere.

  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.