Subject: Re: CMUCL18d on Alpha?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 13:12:05 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Siegfried Gonzi"
| My nesreader does not show it. I haven't seen any solution (except that of
| Duane R.; but the starting point is a file which is as it is!).

  What nonsense!  If you are so hung up on performance, a simple solution
  is actually to read the file with your favorite speed-freak "language"
  and have it produce something that you can use either directly or read as
  binary floats.  On your own hardware, it is fantastically unlikely that
  two different programming languages use different floating-point formats
  of the same width, so it is safe to use binary floats between programs.

| I just only wrote my experience and nothing more.

  But then people need to be aware of how much you do not want to become
  good at what you do.  You have made this point yourself several times,
  even thinking that being a professional programmer is a bad thing (for
  you, obviously, but phrased so it would appear to be a general insult to
  all professional programmers).  Your experience is that of an unwilling,
  uninterested permanent newbie.  You will therefore never venture beyond
  what the language offers and has optimized for short programs.

  Your grievances are based in ignorance and an unwillingness to understand
  that what Common Lisp offers without much effort is the ability to write
  short, correct programs, _not_ short, fast programs.  From what you
  write, it is impossible _not_ to conclude that you have failed to grasp
  how to write software to begin with, you are only able to make certain
  things "work" to your satisfaction and other things not, where the
  criteria appear to be quite randomly adopted as opposed to acquired
  though a thoughtful process with a particular goal in mind.

| Don't get it wrong: for me usnet is more or like entertainment.

  Of course it is.  People need to keep this in mind, however, when they
  decide to waste their time trying to help you with anything at all, or
  when they decide to waste their time to correct your incorrect and
  ignorant sputtering of unfounded opinions.  Of course, there is much more
  "entertainment value" in annoying people than in trying to think on your
  own. so people should know what you expect to get out of your postings.

  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.

  Post with compassion: