Subject: Re: CLISP: Why a menorah?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 07:05:26 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Stefan Kain
| Please read the license agreement of CLISP. There is no political party
| mentioned.  Please give an explicit pointer to the section, where joining
| a political party is required for using CLISP.

  Please engage your brain and stop being so passive-aggressive.

| (Ups, I should not have said that! Our worst nightmare might come true,
| i.e.  Erik joins the mailing-lists! HEEEEEELLLP!!! *rofl* we could use a
| list-bot that implements the ELIZA-program in order to keep him busy...)

  Please ask your psychiatrists or guardians to increase your dosage.

| Where is the evidence for your claims?

  I quoted from the source code, you imbecile.

| Please give an explicit pointer! No false claims please!

  Please give me the name of your psychiatrists and solid reference that
  your IQ according to the Stanford-Binet test is at least 80.  No false
  claims, please.

| BTW, the lines of code that offended your political feelings were removed
| from the source.

  Please realize that no political feelings were offended just because you
  are an offensive idiot with emotional problems.

| Well, I agree, that the clisp source was not the best forum to express
| one's feelings towards the mentioned events.

  Please prove solid evidence of the best forum to express such feelings
  and prove irrefutably that it is different from the clisp sources.

| Please give an explicit pointer of evidence!

  Please give me explicit evidence that you are for real.  German birth
  certificates are not sufficient, as any second-generation Nazi cloning
  experiment would probably be genetically identical and you could have
  stolen one of those.

| This limited patience does not seem to be self-referential, sadly...
| you obviously have great patience with yourself.

  Please give an explicit pointer to your evidence for this claim.

| Show us your craft!  Try to implement a project of CLISP's size with the
| craftsmanship that Bruno (and later Sam) applied!  

  Please show me the law that forbids criticism of a stupid engineering
  choice without having to do something better according to your standards.

| Then let's compare the code quality they have produced (can be verified
| by anybody who downloads the source of CLISP) with the quality of code
| that you produce.  Show us _your_ code, please!

  Look, is your particular psychosis named after you or your doctor?

| He does not like talkers, like you, Erik!

  Please give pointers to explicit evidence of both of your claims.

| "Haible", for you Antisemites out there, is definitely not a jewish
| surname.

  Please prove all of your explicit and implicit claims.  Please prove that
  all charges against you for racially motivated violence have been dropped.
  Please prove that none of your ancestors were war criminals.

| It is typically German!

  Please provide a government-approved list of what is typically German and
  prove that what you claim is on it is actually on it.  Please translate
  this list to at least 120 languages, as nobody in their right mind speaks
  German, anymore, and prove that no translation errors were made.

| And I am an undisputable authourity in German in comparison to you! :-)

  Please give an explicit pointer to your credentials and that not a single
  human being would dispute your authority nor that any such human being
  could possibly exist.

  Please prove that the stupid grin on your face is a removable feature.

| So you Aryans can still use Clisp without causing your reproduction
| organs to fall off or even shrink further!

  Please prove that you are not a dickless eunuch.  Please prove that your
  organ is not a reproduction.  (It's _reproductive_, you blathering idiot!)

| (BTW, I am not a Jew.

  Please prove that not a single birthing woman on your maternal side
  shares any genes with any of the 12 tribes of Israel.  40,000 years
  should be enough for a background check.

| I do not have problems with the clisp banner and I do not have a problem

  Please prove that you do not have any problems.

| He, on the other hand, does not have a problem with me being a German,
| despite the fact that Germans have committed the worst crimes in the
| history of mankind against Jews.

  I shall accept this without proof because it is illegal in Germany to
  question this historical event, and that probably encompasses asking for
  proof of the bloody obvious, even though this kind of behavior also seems
  to be a peculiar trait with severely braindamaged German by-products.

| This is called forgiveness and tolerance.

  Please prove this with a survey of at least 10% of the earth population
  who agree with you about the meaning of these terms.

| Try to spell that, for starters, maybe you understand what I am talking
| about in a couple of years).

  Please give me pointers to solid evidence that you understand what you
  are talking about.

| It is not clisp's goal.

  Please quote the section of the license that states CLISP's goals and
  prove that it is different from what you say it is different from.

| These strange ideas only spin around in your head.

  Please provide a pointer to the evidence of this claim.

| The _reality_ of current clisp-development has NOTHING to do with your
| objections...

  Please provide a pointer to a scientific article proving this point.
  Please acquire a consensus of all German philosophers about the nature of
  "reality" and prove that they tall talk about the same thing.

| Maybe you should check out the developer mailing list more often than
| once in every decade...  regularly updating against the current CVS-tree
| and reading the cvs check-in comments helps a lot!

  Please provide corroborated evidence of double-blind tests that show that
  your recommendations are not harmful to normal people and that they would
  not end up like you.

| Give it a try!

  Please give me pointers to some evidence that you have the proper German
  government approvals to suggest any course of action to others, proof of
  your malsuggestion insurance, and provide evidence that your brain damage
  was a preexisting condition and was not caused by what you suggest.

| P.S.: Linking clisp's development, which started more than 10 years ago,
| with the current mess in the near east is so simply outrageous...

  Please prove this claim.

| that I am not going to waste my time to answer your useless crappy
| follow-ups that will surely emerge in this thread, Erik.

  Please provide solid evidence of how you know the future.

  I seriously doubt that medical science will find a cure for you, Stefan,
  but you could make medical history if you donate your brain to science
  _today_!  Give it a try!  I personally guarantee you that you would not
  feel any differently about the world you live in, but we would.  Thank
  you for not being a Jew -- they have enough problems as it is.  If you
  feel particularly generous, consider recycling the rest of yourself, too
  -- I do not eat pork because pigs are more sentient and intelligent than
  many people much like you, but feeding you to pigs would be perfectly OK.

  If you feel like getting a better brain after you donate your current
  non-vital organ, and maybe want to appear to be something that would pass
  for a human if you do not post or speak, let me know.  I am always open
  to the wonders of medical technology when it comes to things like you.
  Enabling something like you to post to USENET would have been impossible
  only a few years ago, for instance.  Needless to say, I do not consider
  your ability to work on CLISP to be an achievement, but I am sure the
  others on that team know how to express their gratitude for your special
  abilities.  If I were them, however, I would consider flushing you down
  the toilet, in a public relations effort.

  Or maybe someone should just send "(quit)" to you?  That would be good.
  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.

  70 percent of American adults do not understand the scientific process.