Subject: Thomas Bushnell
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 16:23:11 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Thomas Bushnell, BSG
| Don't be scared by ignorant Norwegians who are merely parotting what they
| were taught in some language class.

  I am _so_ tired of this psychopath and his incessant attacks on me for things
  he knows nothing about and posts only to hurt and destroy and belittle.  Is
  there a way I can purchase "bad luck" for him?  Say, some hoodlums who can
  trash his car or his apartment, someone who can poison his food, someone who
  might make a scene at his place of "work" so he gets into serious trouble?  I
  have tried to stay out of this dysfunctional freak's way for a long time,
  now, and yet we find that his emotional state is such that he just keeps on
  hating and attacking, like an Energizer Psycho.

  _Or_ is there a way someone can possibly talk to the guy and help him get
  over his emotional problems and find some other outlet than this newsgroup
  for his seriously deficient coping problems?

  I keep having to remind myself than when someone goes after you for something
  they had to _invent_, you are actually unequivocally _above _all reproach.
  If nothing you have actually done is sufficient grounds for some hatemongerer
  to use against you, you are totally and irrevocably in the clear.  However,
  psychopaths do not understand this.  Their emotional trauma and the
  concomitant psychosis is such that they _need_ to invent a monster to attack
  for things that such a monster would have done.  It is a textbook example of
  how people lose their minds.  It can be temporary, as in insane rage or blind
  fury, which is sort of forgivable, or it can be permanent, as when Thomas
  Bushnell evidently _cannot_ get over his emotional problems and this is a
  constantly recurring theme with him.

  Thomas Bushnell is no longer defending himself from anything I could possibly
  have done to him.  It is pure, undiluted hatred, a childish form of revenge
  exacerbated by his accumulation of evil as he grew up.  This religious nut,
  who uses his "faith" to belittle, harrass, and destroy other people, should
  have been ousted from his brothers in faith as an evil, destructive force.
  Such lack of control over his emotions as he displays here regularly, for no
  reason whatsoever other than his personal animosity towards me, is _insane_.

  And perhaps someone can teach him to spell "parroting" while they're at it?
  (Please keep in mind that Thomas Bushnell thought that a similar mistake I
  made recently was reasonable grounds for yet more harrassment and ridicule.)

  Preferably still, could someone just chop his head off for me?  Thank you.
  There _seems_ to be no other way to make such people quit.  Just watch how he
  noe feigns the _victim_ that he only is of his own emotions, and defends his
  evil actions by blaming me for everything and every pain he has ever felt.
  We will hear that it is my fault that Thomas Bushnell became an emotional
  wreck and did not seek psychiatric care but stayed in comp.lang.lisp to take
  matters in his own hands.  We well once again hear this certified lunatic
  make idiotic comments for fifty messages about how he wants me to write his
  superiors, but chickens out just before he could name them.

  Thomas Bushnell, you have two choices: Seek psychiatric treatment, or stop
  your goddamn hate campaigns of your own volition.  If you respond, the former
  is your only remaining option and your superiors _will_ need to be informed.
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