Subject: Re: Deleting directories in lisp
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:03:45 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Paul D. Lathrop
| Interesting how you can show that you *know* the rule while showing you can't
| follow it. Thanks for the pointer. Sorry I didn't stroke your ego properly.

  Do you feel better now?  If so, could you get back on track and try to focus
  on the _problem_ you had?  It was something with Common Lisp and directories,
  I seem to recall.  Your personality disorders and personal problems are _not_
  the business of this newsgroup, no matter how you feel.  So, is there any way
  we can help you solve your _problem_ and get you to quit attacking people
  like you seem to need when you are given an answer you were not prepared for?
  You asked for help, you got an answer and an opportunity to learn from it,
  but chose to react like a whining little kid.  Nobody cares what some jerk
  finds "silly".  So you were told to shut up, and had to react even more
  childishly, but this is _not_ a forum for whining little kids.  It is a forum
  for programmers.  Egos are equally irrelvant.  Learn to take charge of your
  own emotions, keep them out of other people's faces, and stick to the task at
  hand.  You had a _programming_ problem, did you not?  Lots of people were
  willing to help with your _programming_ problem, but if you insist on being a
  whining little kid, you will not get help from anyone for a very long time.
  So, which is more important to you: To whine or to get help to solve your
  problems?  It is a _really_ simple choice.  Just make it and behave in a way
  that communicates goal-directed intelligence.  Do you understand this?
  Guide to non-spammers: If you want to send me a business proposal, please be
  specific and do not put "business proposal" in the Subject header.  If it is
  urgent, do not use the word "urgent".  If you need an immediate answer, give
  me a reason, do not shout "for your immediate attention".  Thank you.