Subject: Re: LISP - an excercise for experts?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 02 Sep 2002 03:36:28 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Coby Beck
| You have yet to show me anything I have written that supports your
| characterization of it.

  Look, you idiot.  The evidence is right there in front of you -- it is your
  own articles.  You should know what you write and what you do.  Demanding
  that you be shown what you have yourself written so that you can be relieved
  of the pain of revisiting your own writings is just being equally obnoxious
  as the idiots you defend from criticism.

| Out of respect for your own brand of integrity that you profess and exhibit,
| I have reviewed what I wrote recently and do not find any broad sweeping
| claims about any individuals.

  Why am I not surprised.  You have already shown us that you do not
  understand that publicly criticizing a critic is tantamount to defending
  that which is criticized and that everybody else see your actions this way.

| If so, we will probably just have to agree to disagree unless you can present
| some points not based on false presumptions about who I am and what I think.

  Are you finally beginning to learn?  That would be welcome.  Your own need
  to criticize others is based on your false presumptions about them.  That
  you now seem to indicate that you do not like this when it happens to
  yourself could be a good sign -- that you may yet understand /why/ your
  incessant whining about the behavior of critics or your stupid need to
  distance yourself from rhetorical "wes" is unwelcome because of the many
  layers of implicit accusations that are based on /your/ false presumptions.

  From what you write about what you "detest" from academia, which is utterly
  irrelevant here, I finally begin to understand your need to harrass those
  who /you/ see as transgressors without realizing your own role and function
  as an harrassing contributor to the hostile environment that you seem to
  "detest".  Less hostility on /your/ part against the critics would go a long
  way to decrease the /expectation/ that any exhaustion of patience will be
  met with similarly stupid distancing on your part.

  Go through your own "contributions" to this forum, and you, too, will find
  that you spend more time complaining about other people than you do anything
  useful.  Those /you/ criticize have at the very least tried to help those /they/
  criticize before they criticize anyone.  That is not true for you, so you do
  not actually have the same right to criticize anyone.  Losing your patience
  with someone after you have made an effort to understand and to explain is
  tolerable -- it is only human.  Mounting holier-than-thou wars against those
  who lose their patience because you had a bad experience in academia is not
  tolerable -- you should seek help to get over your bad experiences when you
  notice that they influence your actions and your perception negatively.

  But the fact that you refuse to consider anything I tell you is sufficient
  evidence that you are so convinced that you are better than those you
  criticize that there is no hope for you, and that you are a waste of time.

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.