Subject: Re: LISP - an excercise for experts?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 02 Sep 2002 07:57:53 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Coby Beck" <>
| How else can I seriously address your criticism?

  You can think about it.

| You would be much better served and more honest to merely post "Coby I
| despise you" and just leave it at that.

  You want me to lie in order to be more honest?  Are you really that insane?
  I despise what you do, not you.  Learn the difference and get the hell over
  your personal problems that so cloud your thinking that you both hate people
  and lie about it and impute similar hatred to other people despite evidence
  to the contrary.

| There is much more information revealed about you in what you choose to cut
| from the article you respond to than the regurgitated fabrications you have
| posted.  Why do you not answer direct questions?

  Again, your only tactic is to deflect.  I criticized your incessant attacks
  on people who criticize idiots, and all you do is turn it around to be about
  your criticizer.  It is fucking amazing to behold such dishonesty on such a
  grand scale.  I do not answer direct questions because you always "answer"
  with a question back to those who ask you direct questions.  You should not
  have a problem with other people rejecting your direct questions unless you
  really think there is one law for Coby Beck and one law for everybody else.
  There is ample evidence that you do, indeed, think that you are held to
  quite different sets of laws than other people and that your hypocrisy is a
  virtue but the hypocrisy you impute to others is a serious flaw.

| If that is your perception, plonk me, shut up and leave me alone.

  Would that it be that simple.  You poison the forum by disallowing criticism
  of obnoxious idiots and your long-term defense of idiots has made it harder
  to get rid of them than if those who noticed that even though they were in
  the minority on some issue, they would yield to the greater good of getting
  rid of the idiots.  As you so plainly state, however, we differ in who we
  regard as the noisy idiots, and you clearly defend the annoying morons
  against those who have tried to help them and have been met with disrespect
  in return -- a disrespect you thereby condone and encourage.

| Disagreeing with you does not equal not considering what you say.  Though
| you may *know* that, you do not seem to be capable of *living* it.

  You already put forward your ridiculous theory about what I must have lived
  and I told you it is not the case.  Insisting on arguing from this false
  premise is dishonest.

| So stop wasting it.  I never posted a word to or about you in this thread
| until *you* addressed *me*.

  True.  However, you feel obliged to object when other people do something
  that does not involve you (except insofar as you believe you are included in
  every possible group-related statement that could include you), so you could
  hardly blame anyone for applying the same principle to criticize you.

  I would very much appreciate if you could get over whatever pain you have
  suffered and leave people alone even when they say something that annoys
  you.  Your warped ethics cause you to inflict more harm than good and on the
  wrong people.  You should realize that strong objections to your own behavior
  have a reason that you may not like any more than you like the criticism.
  One of them could be that you do, in fact, do things that people find really
  objectionable and even reprehensible and that you lead people you criticize
  with your holier-than-thou attitude to become very sensitive to your
  continued vilification and harrassment of people whose goal is merely to
  have a better and more useful forum.

  You want a forum more inclusive for idiots and trolls.  Others want a forum
  exclusive of idiots and trolls.  Since your goals is at odds with those of a
  large number of people, you /could/ learn that you will not get a forum that
  is conducive to trolling and idiots, but also realize that since you favor
  this form of forum, you have contributed in large part to the problems that
  other people perceive.  If you are completely antisocial, you will continue
  to fight for the right of trolls and idiots to post their inflammatory
  drivel while you criticize those who try to dissuade them and others from
  responding to them.  So far, you have given me no reason whatsoever to
  change my belief that you are a great fan of trolls and idiots and will
  fight for their "right" to destroy a useful forum.  Since you keep deflecting
  criticism back to your critics, I must have found something that you find so
  painful to you that you refuse to consider it intelligently, and then I have
  no other option but to make it even more painful to you /not/ to consider
  that option.

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.