Subject: Re: The toxicity of trolls
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 29 Sep 2002 05:50:11 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Robert Hanlin
| I must.

  OK, I understand this to mean that you do not have the mental wherewithall to
  understand that focusing on people is a choice, opposed to focusing on the
  arguments, on information, on ideas, on knowledge, on understanding, etc.
  Prmitive minds focus on people, react to people, and blame people.  Advanced
  minds relate to ideas.  Those who focus on people are actually broken people
  themselves and therefore look at other people to discover that they are not
  alone in being broken.  Functional people have an actual /purpose/ to their
  communication and do not find casting blame and spreading their hatred far
  and wide conducive to their purposes.  Dysfunctional people focus on feeling
  well, because they do not feel well, and think this is somebody else's fault.
  If you do not feel well, you should stay home and repair yourself, not impose
  your personal problems on other people.  This is a really simple guideline.

| Presumably you are speaking about me.

  Yes, you have proven yourself to be toxic to us.  However, you are, by your
  own admission, unable to act more intelligently than you do, so you are sort
  of excused for your inability to do better.  By your own admission, your own
  "contributions" here must be judged according to their sender, not according
  to their contents.  Since you do not understand anything beyond a primitive
  level of interaction with other people, you will not understand that you have
  any alternatives and will never improve or behave differently towards people
  you think are at fault for your lack of feelings you can cope with.

| So perhaps you should apologize to me for being "focused on people."

  Far from it.  Focusing on people is a disease.  You spread that disease with
  your actions and your toxic articles, which, by your own admission, do not
  carry intelligent communication relevant to this forum.  This are, however,
  simply actions and choices on your part, and you can make other choices if
  you realize that you have a choice.  As long as you think you "must" focus on
  people, you must be judged accordingly, as a diseased, broken person.

  Your own actions have brought focus on yourself and your response to cast
  blame on me is simply stupid and does you no credit at all.  You have nothing
  to offer this forum except your own personal relations with people here,
  which you abuse the public forum to flaunt, and as such are a useless piece
  of shit.  So go stink up some other forum, please.  If you have no bowel
  control of your own, seek help.  This is not the proper forum to get help.

  Now, please leave this forum to people who can focus on its purpose, which
  is, probably to your amazement, not your personal animosity towards me, but
  the programming language Common Lisp and/or the language family Lisp.  Do you
  understand this or will you continue to attack me and not get the message?
  You will get preicsely one -1- opportunity to behave better than you have
  before you are judged an incorriigible idiot and menace to society.  Make
  your choice wisely.

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