Subject: Re: CLOS is hard. Let's go shopping  (Was Re: Lisp in Python)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 29 Sep 2002 22:33:16 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Jeremy H. Brown
| PS Is Erik Naggum always so full of poisonous bile?

  What, precisely, have I done to you to warrant this direct personal attack?

  What, precisely, do you have against poisonous bile when you are so ready and
  willing to dispense it yourself?  One moral code for you and another for me?

  Is Jeremy H. Brown always such a retarded, whining, /unjust/ loser?

  What was it that caused you to become evil?  Did I fail to please you?  Did I
  fail to make you feel good?  Did I not suck your dick the way you wanted?
  What?  Do you think this is the place you should go with your "I need to feel
  good today" requests?  Hire a prostitute if you want to people to please you.

  Should I be /nicer/ to some dickweed like yourself for asking such a moronic
  "question"?  Do you think the retards who obsess about my person on this
  newsgroup make me want to come and chop off their fingers or do you think
  they make me want to help them understand something you wonder about that I
  know and can explain so you understand it, too?
  Just how goddamn stupid are you, Jeremy H. Brown?  You are clearly unable to
  focus on the things that have real value to you and are ready and willing to
  squander long-term benefits by behaving like a disgusting little creep whose
  feelings are hurt because you do not /think/.  Do you think I will help you
  again?  I do not generally hold grudges against people and respond to what
  they say, not to who they are, but you have made a lasting impression on me
  with your retarded question.

| I didn't expect everyone to agree with me, and indeed, many people didn't,
| but he was just out of control.

  Really?  Your emotions are in check and you respond rationally?  /Please/
  look closer to home for the lack of control.  You may find that you have no
  control over your emotions and have to blame others for how you feel, which
  causes your emotions to run freely out of control -- when it is no longer you
  who are responsible for how you feel, you have no reason to control them.
  This is your core mistake, and a mistake that intelligent people simply do
  not make.  You have branded yourself as emotionally unfit.  Congratulations.

  If you were less emotional and more rational, you would be able to read
  something other people write and get something useful out of it even if you
  had /personal/ issues with it.  But I have not attacked you in any way and I
  have not disrespected you.  Quite the contrary, in fact: I have held you to a
  standard to which you only /think/ you are unable to conform, and I did that
  because I believed you could.  That is, until your present idiotic response.
  If you wish to tell me that I should lower my expectations of you and make
  you feel less bad by not expecting anything of you, you could always have
  found some non-emotional way to do that and just tell me that you would never
  be able to satisfy the simple requirement that you think and act rationally
  and focus on what you wish to learn.  Robert Hanlin did that very well.  I do
  not expect him to become a rational being ever, and would rely on others to
  tell me he had transformed himself.  Just like Erann Gat and "ilias", who are
  also beyond reach and pester people because of their own shortcomings.

  If, again, you were more in control of yourself, you would not have any
  problems seeing that you could have made a much better choice: a rational
  course of action that helps you reach /your/ goals.  If you wish to feel good
  without reason, Usenet is not a good place.  If you wish to think about and
  /solve/ your problems, it may be a good place.  And those who help each other
  and respect each other enough to avoid the moronic hostility you have just
  committed, become personal friends, too, but then they have the decency not
  to air their personal feelings in public, which cretin like you should learn.
  As long as you focus on what you think about other people, you will never be
  able to improve your own condition, either.  Think about how you feel, and do
  something about it, which means that you do not attack others, you deal with
  these things on a personal level.  You may yet find that if you should choose
  to think and behave better, people who demand that you think before you spout
  nonsense and stupid questions will treat you better.  It is really up to you,
  but I repeat my question above:

  Is Jeremy H. Brown always such a retarded, whining, /unjust/ loser?  Does he
  always flaunt his emotions in public?  Will we see yet another retard make an
  utter fool out of himself and destroy his reputation completely before he
  wimpers out and accuses people of wanting to hurt him, when in fact you were
  the first to attack anyone.  Just because you feel hurt does not mean that
  anyone attacked you.  You may yet learn something as simple as that if you
  have a working brain at all and it is not overpowered by testosterone and
  other anti-intelligence hormones so useful to retards who need revenge.

  And, no, I am only full of poisonous bile towards those who deserve it, and
  they always go out of their way to prove it.  To people who have the thinking
  skills and intelligence of drug-addicted criminals, that is indeed "always"
  because they need to protect themselves from the realization that other
  people are indeed better people than they are.

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