Subject: Re: CLOS is hard. Let's go shopping  (Was Re: Lisp in Python)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 30 Sep 2002 20:58:24 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Ray Blaak <>
| I think that poisonous bile is wrong. I don't do that.

  Great!  Do I get to determine whether what I write is poisonous bile, too?

  A truly large number of you judgmental assholes who attack me out of the blue
  and have nothing whatsoever to contribute to this forum make the very same
  crucial mistake: You think your emotions tell you what exists in the real
  world.  Just because you feel bad means there must be something really
  terrible out there.  Just because you feel that something is "poisonous bile"
  means that this is an objective fact.  You are generally so incapable of
  realizing that /you/ bring both attitude and interpretation to the scene.
  When you call what I write "poisonous bile" that is not, amazingly, poisonous
  bile.  When some holier-than-thou dipshit like Ray Blaak behaves like an
  asshole, spending all his time attacking someone who has not attacked him,
  that is /not/ poisonous bile.  Oh, no.  That is Ray Blaak posting facts.

  What makes me quite certain that I do not actually do anything wrong is that
  each and every one of my attackers are stark raving mad.  Just like the fucks
  that attack me and my person when I criticize something they have posted in a
  public forum where critical response must be expected, mental cases like Ray
  Blaak have nothing whatsoever to offer other than their opiniated moralism.

  Do you think I find your behavior offensive?  Sure as hell I do!  People who
  are so immature and so emotionally dysfunctional that they have to attack me
  just because I do not stroke their ego or please them sufficiently are the
  root cause of the noise here.  Instead of trying to do something about it,
  /all/ of you sociopaths make it your task to blame me for everything that
  people of your own kind do.  There is very little evidence that those who
  attack me out of the blue even understand that this is wrong.  They believe
  that they are defending some "right" that is being abrigded and eroded.

  That "right" is the "right" of ignorant assholes to post stupidities without
  being criticized for it.  For some bizarre reason, that somebody does not
  agree with you retarded children is cause for you to attack them.  For some
  even more bizarre reason, you have to attack people who express their opinion
  of something.  Your egos must be so /fragile/ and /brittle/ that it can break
  simply by reading someone who does not approve of you.  What do you guys
  /expect/ from any professional interaction, or social for that matter?

  I have come to believe that those who cannot deal with public discussion seek
  approval and validation of their failure to function in private, as well.
  When someone does not give them that approval and validation, they are
  offended and feel disrespected and rejected as human beings.  If they were
  complete /before/ they went out in public and posted, they would not require
  other people to give them so much emotional support, and could deal with
  critical responses to what they have done in public, which is /not/ their
  entire person.  They would /know/ that if they have shown other people was
  not to their liking, they could try with something else.  Reasonably mature
  people do this all the time, feeling secure in themselves and not needing the
  approval of strangers.  But you retarded children are unable to cope with
  being told that you have done something wrong and just have to oppose all
  that looks like authorities to you.  Nobody shall tell you what to do.  I /do/
  wonder what is wrong with you people.

| I just disagree that "poisonous bile" has its place and function in this
| instance.

  You are even so self-righteous that you think there can be no disagreement on
  your judgment of other people.  This is what makes you the most offensive.

  That you do not understand that you pour poisonous bile into the forum is
  indicative of a serious personality disorder.  Such arrogance is pathological.

| "Attack" my ass.  Criticism?  Chiding?  Pointing out a percieved inconsistent
| position?

  Let me get this straight: You are the only person in the entire universe who
  gets to make judgments of how things are to be seen.  Only you get to decide
  what is attacks and what is poisonous bile.  Of course, being such a moron as
  you have to be to hold this retarded view of anything, you decided that what
  you do is harmless.  Such is the offensiveness of your hypocritical position
  that you have to defend yourself against realizing what kind of person you
  are.  That is why you guys hate me so much: I have zero compunctions about
  telling people like you exactly how I see you.  I am very seldom wrong, and
  you guys go out of your way to prove it each and every time.

| I you think my words constitute an attack you need to get a much thicker
| skin.

  Is yours for sale?

| Certainly responding and disagreeing with my criticisms are fair game, but
| Jesus, you've got to lighten up.

  How did this advice work for you?

| I act consistently with what I preach.

  Self-righteous to the last.  Disgusting creep.  Call the God you are on a
  mission from and ask if he really intended for you to sacrifice yourself and
  portray yourself as such a moralistic dipshit that you have no value to any
  human being whatsoever.

  My God, you cretins annoy me.  Get a life.  Seek help to get over the
  traumatic lack of approval and validation of your pathetic worthless self.

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.