Subject: Re: Understanding Erik Naggum
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 06 Oct 2002 23:30:48 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* quasi <>
| Swim there in the sea.  If by chance you get eaten by sharks it will save
| me the trouble of coming all the way to Oslo, Norway to give you a /very/
| hard spanking which you so richly deserve.

  I was going to give you a second chance and actually read your pathetic
  excuse for a public post in the spirit of positive reinforcement, but I
  consider this a threat.  Had you been brave enough to back that threat up
  with a real name and verifiable mail address instead of the chicken-shit
  illiterate scrawl you sign your articles with, you could be feeling the
  consequences of /your/ threatening, abusive behavior.  However, since you
  are such a yellow belly that you cannot even have a real name, a threat
  from such a pathetic loser only means that the futility of his massive
  failure to cope with the world he lives in has found yet another outlet.

| You must be thinking this is comp.lang.erik the way you act.

  Dear "quasi",

  Your command of the English language is quite good.  I would say it is
  much better than the 25% most illiterate native users of English, but
  when it comes to actually grasping what you read, you /feel/ far too much
  for your own good and your ability to actually understand anything in
  your emotional state is probably limited to primitive emotional reactions
  to individual words out of context.  I throw them in to smoke out idiots
  like yourself, you see.  All the same, I would suggest that you take a
  closer look at the Subject header, or whatever it is called in your user-
  friendly interface, and perhaps you will see that it reads "Understanding
  Erik Naggum".  Do you think this is in any way related to what I write in
  this thread?  Or, considering your mental state, make that: Do you /feel/
  that this is in any way related to what I write?  Can you manage to get
  anything through your input channels that would make you grasp that this
  is thread is indeed about me?  If you cannot grasp that, then perhaps you
  should ease up on the tough guy routine, lest people think you are one of
  those muscle-men without any brains, and find a better role model than
  Steven Segal or Dolph Lundgren?

| Don't let the few suck ups here make you feel that you are king.  However
| supremely intelligent & knowledgable you may be, it is no use to humanity
| if you cause more destruction than construction.  The suck ups would
| rather eat dirt and exploit your knowledge than be honest to you.

  You are so offensive and yet so impotent.  Nameless, identity-less, too
  feeble-minded to understand a Subject header, and yet so repulsive.  And
  all this in reaction to something you do not like, including, evidently,
  foul language, which you have still not quite mastered so it sounds quite
  ridiculous and pathetic, really.  Clearly, what we have here a specimen
  of the lower primates that has learned to use a keyboard.  Say, have you
  tried to get your friends together and produce the collected works of
  Shakespeare yet?

| Your arrogance in front of public opinion is appalling.  The thickness of
| your skull (in non-technical matters) must be inches.  Your rudeness is
| tremendous.

  Wow!  Look who forgot their chill pill this morning.  *laugh*

| You disrespect your own intelligence and knowledge by your unwise rants.

  Luckily, I have something to disrespect.  You can only dream about that.

| Even with the above mentioned qualities, I really like you.  Really.

  Not done with the offensiveness, yet?  You do not know enough to like
  me.  That presume you do, must either mean that you are so shallow that
  you can actually like or dislike people based on the extremely limited
  exposure you get to somebody in a written medium.  Reasonably smart
  people hold off on the like/dislike thing and instead like or dislike
  what they actually read, such as individual articles or even expressions
  or images.  The need you have to extrapolate and create personas that you
  can feel like or dislike towards places you in the group of people who
  want to emulate characters in TV series.

| So I have one advice for you.

  You think I take advice from people who tell me they like me?  You are
  one of the touchy-feely guys who think positive reinforcement is a good
  idea, right?  Do you really think your behavior says anything other than
  that you lack the prerequisite mental qualities to be able to /actually/
  like someone?  Again, you are nameless, identity-less, chicken-shit fool
  and you think people of your caliber can /like/ people?  You do not even
  have the mental capacity to empathize with /yourself/, yet.  Get a dog if
  you need a role model you can strive to live up to.

| Don't end up the guy who everyone talks nice to because he is very rich
| and they want a piece of his pile and then hate him behind his back.

  You know, for someone who hates me behind my back, your knowledge of
  anatomy leaves something to be desired.

| Stop fucking burning your own blood for who you think are fools.

  You touchy-feely people are so unable to realize when people are not like
  you.  That is probably because those of you who inabit the middle of the
  Gauss curve have a pretty good chance of meeting people like yourself and
  a low probability of encountering anyone dissimilar from yourself because
  you are so repulsive to people a couple standard deviations off to the
  right of you.  I'll bet your favorite American actor is Jim Carrey, but
  you didn't understand where to laugh in «The Majestic» so you told your
  friends to rent «Cable Guy», instead.

| Stop fucking responding to who you think are assholes and concentrate on
| what you are /excellent/ at.  Lisp.

  The saddest part of this false praise is that you do not have the ability
  to judge excellence.  The best you can do is "better than quasi", which
  is about as insulting as "smarter than ilias" or "you have an excellent
  career opportunity as seeying-eye man for blind dogs".

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.