Subject: Re: Understanding Erik Naggum
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 07 Oct 2002 12:05:38 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* quasi <>
| So smart, are you not?

  Your hangup with it amuses me.

| I have replied to both your "don't be an asshole" emails you sent me.

  No separation of private from public space.

| More than that, you have my website address where, I am sure, you can
| find all the details about me for the "consequences" you promise me.

  The point is how you present yourself to this forum, not to me.

| Erik, stop pretending.

  I never pretend.  I do not need to.  Really.

| I fail to understand your having to bring up such contrived and actually
| childish rants.

  The four first words are the key.

| Anyway it is quite clear that it is impossible to reason with you.

  Oh, you were /reasoning/ with me.  I am so pleased to learn this.

| It is beyond your capabilities.

  Is it not quite curious how other people come to different conclusions
  that sort of, if not entirely, contradict your conclusions?  What do you
  think that says about you?

| So I will not even ask you to listen.

  Good.  I would not listen if you asked me to.

| But I can tell you one thing.


| I am part of this community as you are - and unlike some here, I will
| speak out if you overdo your "angry old man" act.

  Yes, all good communities need nutjobs that "will speak out".

| The previous post was the last "bad" post from me to c.l.l.

  Promises, promises.

| You are actually hilarious.

  You may be surprised to learn this, but the intent is to make people
  laugh.  At you.

| But wait.. I made you write all that.

  You are probably the only one who flatter yourself.

| And it must have made a few laugh.

  You sound like you think this is an insult or something.

| So one good deed crossed up for me. wOw.  Thanks Erik.

  You sound even more like you are deeply hurt.  Good.  I think people who
  behave the way you do /when they have only been bystanders/ need to get
  seriously wounded, so perhaps they learn not to intervene.

| Because I meant it to be only quasihostile anyway.

  Ah, your chosen nickname explained.

| You are such a dickhead.

  Promises, promises.

| You like/dislike people instantaneous the moment you are in contact with
| them.

  No.  I do not.  I am not interested in people.  Some people can actually
  focus on their work and on learning something from other people, not on
  the people.  This actually means treating people with the fundamental
  respect you find in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  If you
  take too much interest in people, you will, out of necessity, dislike
  some people so much that you /will/ feel an urge to mistreat them.  Such
  as shitheads like you.  But you have pre-approved your treatment by the
  way you choose to attack me from being a bystander.  Your lack of ability
  to curtail your revengeful urges is what makes you less than a human.

| But that like/dislike is not absolute.  It incrementally evolves with
| more and more contact.

  People who like/dislike others prematurely tend to want only to reinforce
  their impressions and go overboard with emotions when people turn out to
  be different than they expected.  I do not expect much from individuals,
  but I expect a lot from their function in public.  Some people never seem
  to grasp that they are in a public space.  I do not like the behavior of
  such people as they make public discussion impossible for adults.

| no.  It is because I like you that I take the trouble to advice you.

  Stop pretending.  You do not have the mental capacity to like me.

| See what I mean?


| Pathetic is the only word for you.

  Funny how many words are "the only word".

| If calling me lower than a dog makes your arguments and makes you happy,
| you should look in the mirror.

  I am pleased that I have hurt you.  You deserve that.  I do not wish to,
  nor actually, spank people, but I am overly delighted that I can reach
  down into the heart of some shithead like you and cause you pain after
  what you have done to me.  It may actually teach you something.

| I don't hate you.  I never liked you enough to hate you.  You are just a
| pathetic person.

  So you like pathetic people, then?  Does this in any way relate to your
  inability to reason with people?

| I realise that.

  No, you do not.

| Probably you are one of those who actually enjoy these kind of verbal
| exchanges.

  With shitheads like you who were bystandards but choose to attack me?  Of
  course I do.  The more people like you I can hurt the better, because
  /maybe/ you will realize that I take pleasure in hurting people who
  attack me the way shitheads like you do.  It works wonders.  It causes
  the more retarded ones to hate me and make a spectacle of themselves so
  nobody would ever hire them.  It causes the smarter ones to want to avoid
  being hurt more.  Shitheads like you who go from bystander to attacker
  need to have your heads examined.  Somewhere in your miserable lives, you
  thought that you should attack one person in what you think is a fight.
  That is the most base, the most vile, the most evil, of all behaviors.

  Intelligent, decent people respect due process and do not take the law
  into their own hands.  You are the kind of person who take it upon
  yourself to punish what you think are wrongdoers.  That marks you as a
  seriously dysfunctional person, probably one of a criminal mind, one who
  has no /respect/ for or even /understanding/ of justice.  People like you
  are much worse threats to society than any ills you want to fight because
  you destroy the very concept of justice.

| But other don't.

  You engage in them of your own free will, dude.

| You drive away other people from a community which is /not/ your
| ownership.

  No, I do not.  I drive away shitheads who attack me out of the blue, like
  you do.

| Think about that, if you can.

  Unlike you, I think all the time and do not need to be told when to.

| All you have in your armory is personal attacks and slander?

  If it works to make you suffer, it works to make you suffer.

  Have you ever noticed how stupid people in movies always attack the
  strongest person in the scene one by one and do not understand when to
  quit their stupid fights?  You little wimps keep doing that in this
  newsgroup, too.

| I will accept if the top dog pays top dollar.

  You reveal so much of yourself in public it becomes pornographic.

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.