Subject: Re: Looking for Lisp compiler
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 30 Dec 2002 20:56:20 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Pascal Costanza
| Here is an excerpt:

  Sigh.  As usual, the distance between the text you quote and the
  conclusion you want to support is measured in astronomical units.

  Could you, for /once/, try to back up some of your conclusions with a
  relevant set of /connections/ between the facts and your conclusion?

  It is by now evident beyond doubt that you believe you see things
  that are simply not there, probably because you are /unaware/ of
  your very own "contribution" to the process.  This is usually called
  psychosis, but if you could at least /try/ to explain how you got
  from observation to conclusion, there is a nonzero probability that
  you can be shown that you have only seen your own assumptions and
  preconceptions and have discarded all the evidence to the contrary.
  As long as you only look for confirmation of your preconceptions and
  are as happy as an astrologist or any other mystic when a prediction
  comes true despite thousands of predictions that did not, there is
  no way to provide you with counter-information, because only the
  information that supports something you already believe is important
  to you.  Just as you look away when you do not feel sufficiently
  warm and fuzzy and positive (or whatever), you evidently also look
  away when something could prove you wrong, because this, too, would
  make you feel less than stellar.  To most sane people, the very idea
  of turning a blind eye to everything that feels bad is tantamount to
  discarding one's sanity, but as you have confirmed previously, you
  do indeed check your feelings first.  The only possible result of
  this willful denial of the external world is that you defend ever
  more misguided notions and keep inventing things to support them.
  To put it very mildly, this bugs the hell out of me, but I would not
  bother to respond unless you had this uncontrollable urge to keep
  posting negative bullshit about me.

  You have not actually listened to anything I have written, but only
  "confirm" your mental image of me and behave as if I /am/ the image
  in /your/ mind.  You obviously do not think this is wrong, or you
  would have got a grip on yourself and repaired yourself, but the
  more you keep this fantastically annoying game going where the whole
  purpose of your increasingly /untrue/ claims about other people is
  to pretend that what you want to believe is true.  Normal human
  *decency* prevents most people from continuing to spout lies and so
  much hostile crap about somebody else when they have been arrested
  for their inability to accept corrections, but you seem to have made
  it your purpose here to keep pretending two things: (1) that you are
  a perfect, flawless saint without whom comp.lang.lisp will die a
  most horrible death, and (2) that I am some devil that you have to
  fight.  Since you are emotion-driven to the point of neurosis, you
  will not even understand what is wrong with your behavior, but you
  /have/ to notice the negative emotions you feel when I ask you to
  please stop lying so much.  You are not /actually/ braindead, are
  you?  There is still /something/ in you that accepts input from the
  external world that makes you feel bad and then shut down.  Or have
  you shut down so completely that you are now entirely of prejudice
  and feel bad even before you have read what I write to you?  I have
  my deepest doubts about your ability to read /anything/ that does
  not keep you emotionally on top of the world, but your unceasing
  need to keep talking about me is /pathological/.

  You /always/ have to "share" your lies about me with this forum when
  you feel sufficiently morally outraged to abandon your rationality.
  Why do you have to keep lying?  What on /earth/ compels you to keep
  making these idiotic "contributions" here?  You /must/ understand,
  even with your emotional needs, that when you keep lying and making
  all your hateful claims about me, you make things /worse/?  You are
  not /actually/ completely braindead, are you?

  You do not have to keep adding fuel to the flames whenever some of
  your kind rises to make his moronic and most uncivil "objections"
  because his puny brainpower does not grasp what is going on and he
  feels excluded.  You evidently strongly support such people and have
  made it your purpose here to make such people attack me, but that
  you have failed to understand how thoroughly /antisocial/ you are
  and that people tire of this forum because of scumbags like you and
  those you support, is impossible.  /Something/ in you must be able
  to see the damage you do.  Yet you keep doing it.  The alternative
  is that you are so morally outraged that whatever intelligence you
  might possess is rendered inoperative while you go on your holy
  mission, that your intelligence is a fair-weather intelligence that
  can only help you when the external world rubs you the right way.

  Part of being a /social/ animal, Pascal Costanza, is being able to
  deal with other people without having to /express/ your primitive
  emotions of tribal inclusion or exclusion.  I /know/ that you do not
  want me in this forum.  I /know/ that you are such a staggeringly
  stupid person as to be a functional illiterate when it comes to deal
  with counter-information to your beliefs.  I /know/ that you have so
  many negative emotions that your need to share them stems from self-
  preservation: You would /explode/ if you could not vent your spleen.
  And therefore, because you are such a hideous character, you believe
  that other people are like you, and then you do the stupidest thing
  that inferior people can do: They attack other people by proxy, by
  projecting their own evil onto them, by demonizing them and seeing
  monsters, and most importantly, by terminating their /dialog/ with
  the person they /hate/.  You are so clearly malfunctioning when it
  comes to dealing with such simple things as not making things worse
  by rearing your ugly head, that you cannot be expected to understand
  how destructive you are, but there are people who express a deep-
  rooted exasperation about /you/ and /your/ need to keep supporting
  every flaming moron in this newsgroup.  You drive people away from
  this forum, Pascal Costanza, by never letting go.  Like maniacal
  lunatic, you just /have/ to keep posting your insane hatred towards
  me and you /cannot/ stop.  I fear that you actually feel that you
  have to speek up lest you "support" me by your silence, but I urge
  you as strongly as I can, to give it a rest, let it go, get over it,
  move on, and accept that you do not /have/ to involve yourself each
  and every goddamn time someone says something negative about me.  We
  /all/ know how you feel.  It is /impossible/ not to know how much
  you hate me and how much you need to blame me for everything that
  you cannot deal with, so you do not have to keep repeating it.  As
  for me, I could not care less what you feel if you only shut up.

  Seeking validation of your personal feelings are /not/ the purpose
  of comp.lang.lisp, Pascal Costanza.  Please be so /decent/ as to
  keep most of them to yourself when they are as hateful and negative
  as they are.  They have no place here.  /Try/ to manage to think
  even though you feel a strong desire not to.  This newsgroup is
  /not/ about how Pascal Costanza feels about Erik Naggum.  It is
  about the programming language (family|Common) Lisp.  Can you please
  try to grasp this and stop telling your obnoxious lies about me?

  And do /not/ send another emotional message to this forum.  /You/
  opened this issue by blaming me, again, and /you/ can accept that
  you have been castigated for this idiocy and simply cease and
  desist.  That I think you are among the worst shitheads this planet
  has spawned should be pretty clear, but you do /not/ improve the
  matter by "defending" yourself.  To defend a mistake is to make
  another mistake.  Just accept that you made a mistake and resolve
  /not to do it again/.

  So, can we have 2003 without any more of your off-topic attacks on
  me and without any more of your off-topic support of every loser who
  feels bad and brandishes his emotional dysfunction for all to see?
  Send the goddamn loser /mail/ if you have to take on the burden that
  others cannot bear, but figure it out: /You/ destroy this forum when
  /you/ abuse it to stage your moronic wars against someone because
  /you/ think they are to blame.  /You/ are to blame for the damage
  that /you/ do.  Accept responsibility for yourself and be /nice/ if
  that is how you think others should behave.  Can you do all this?
  If no, respond with an emotional self-defense, but if yes, you will
  simply behave well and not talk about it.  Let your /actions/ speak
  for you in 2003.  Manage to establish positive feelings where you
  feel none yourself, and you will have proven your claims.  If you
  keep causing negative emotions like you have in the past when you
  lambast others for not considering other people emotions, you will
  admit that your theory is not only false, but destructive.  Do you
  believe that your theories actually work?  /Prove/ it in 2003!

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.