Subject: Re: OT: Erik Naggum's Long-Windedness (was: (endp lst) or (null lst))
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 13 Jan 2003 12:46:18 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Oleg <>
| b) Naggum didn't just mention WTC. His message was that Americans
| "finally" got what they deserved for electing Bush, not listening
| enough to Erik, disagreeing with Erik, etc. :

  You know, well-adjusted people in this technological age make do
  with the message-id.  <>

  I think those who are inclined to listen to you should reread it and
  try to decide if you have just seriously malfunctioned.  You are the
  only person so far who has been able to show such a lack of ability
  to read that you think it was about me.  It was about you, you see.
  Your strange reaction suggests that you fight me because you are so
  self-centered and self-absorbed that when someone else makes a
  presence in your solipstistic universe, you have to regain control
  over yourself by expelling that other person.  Such obsessive people
  have been cured, however.  Others of your kind waste away their
  lives reading about celebrities, but for some reason I think less
  lowly of those than of you.  

  I am actually amazed that you managed to get /none/ of the points I
  made in that article.  People of your calibre tend to get at least
  one.  All you got was the "feeling".  What kinds of drugs are you on
  who /both/ manage to obsess about me and /not/ read what I write?

| He calls me uneducated for disliking him

  Fascinatingly untrue.  With a mind like that, I understand why you
  need a PhD so people are discouraged from making up their own mind
  about your mental abilities.  I hope you have paid a lot for it so
  your money comes to better uses than your well-being.

| and then he writes that I may have a Ph.D. [1], and still be
| illiterate.

  If you object to this, why do you insist upon showing the whole
  world that you /cannot/ read what I write?  You are not behaving in
  a way that suggests you are terribly bright, you know.

| Doesn't this make for a very "narrow" definition of education?

  It appears that you really think a PhD will give you an /education/.
  Please go to the bursar's office and ask for your money back.  Sorry
  about wasting your life and your dreams, though, but I understand
  why you get so upset.  If I had been in your shoes and had wasted my
  life getting a PhD only to be hired by McD so I would not be able to
  pay back the gigantic loans you needed (it took 15 years, right?), I
  would be spending my time on Usenet showing others of your kind that
  they should take the McD job right away, too.

  You have an /education/ when you realize, to the depth of your soul,
  that your own contribution to the furthering of mankind has to build
  upon the work of millions of people preceding you, people whose best
  of hope of eternal life is being mentioned with a brief paragraph in
  the largest encyclopedia, and realizing that /your/ best hope of
  making your mark on human history is vastly slimmer than that.

| BTW I don't believe I mentioned my views on the American foreign
| policy on USENET once.

  Thank God!

| His having written that long Nazi-like facts-distorting European
| supremacist tirade is a clear indication of mental issues.

  If I had written a long Nazi-like facts-distorting European
  supremacist tirade, I think it would be a clear indication of mental
  issues, too.  But I did not, you know.  It is your illiteracy that
  got the better of you, again.  Are you quite certain that you are
  not making up monsters under your bed to be afraid of?  Perhaps you
  should try waking up from that horrible dream you are living?  Or
  perhaps just stop taking those halluincogenic drugs.

| [1] Which I do expect to earn later this year.

  Really?  I intend to block that process.  Demonstrating that you
  would be a disgrace to the degree-grantor should be quite easy.

  I occasionally hear from people who have found that there is a good
  correlation between unemployable people and their stupid fights with
  me on the Net.  I enjoy this feedback tremendously, and I am quite
  certain that when someone who considers hiring you will look up the
  name Oleg Inconnu, if that is your real name, and decide that you
  are not worth considering.  Again, McD does not do such searches.

| P.S. I don't think I'm going to have much time for explaining what
| is wrong with Naggum to every newcomer he attacks. Perhaps I will
| write a FAQ about it if enough people request it in email or
| volunteer to contribute.

  Somebody should keep this and remind of it sometime.  It should be
  the kind of idiocy that keeps people out of important positions.

Erik Naggum, Oslo, Norway

Act from reason, and failure makes you rethink and study harder.
Act from faith, and failure makes you blame someone and push harder.