Subject: Re: Comparison of languages for CS1 and CS2
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 1995/06/15
Message-ID: <3ro6tf$>
Peter Moylan <> wrote:
| A year or two ago I tried the experiment of developing a C
| program by first writing it (and testing it, of course) in
| Modula-2, and then hand-translating it into C.  This really works!

The key is *any* method/discipline that:

1. Lets you separate "programming" from "coding"; and

2. Lets you write & "test" [walkthrough] the *entire* program
   before "coding" it (or at least before ever submitting it
   to the target compiler).

The few times I have forced myself to *finish* designing a program
before *beginning* to compile/debug have paid off handsomely.


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