Subject: Re: Why no talk about Guile?
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 1997/02/27
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <5f3iuu$>

Matthew R Wette <> wrote:
| Right.  I'm sticking w/ SCM.  I just wish SCM had a "clean" C
| namespace.  My interest is in something that could be interfaced
| w/ TCL, is relatively lightweight and can be ported to VxWorks.

SCM is fine, and I use it for some things too, but you might also want
to look at the Rice PLT stuff:

MzScheme & SCM are roughly comparable, with the usual differences:

- MzScheme seems to be a little faster for CPU-bound stuff.
  SCM is a little faster on character I/O, and a little faster starting up.

- MzScheme's interface to C uses a Tcl-like "argc, **argv" call.
  SCM's interface to C uses fixed arity and fixed-plus-rest.

- MzScheme includes a Scheme "process" (thread) facility.

- MzScheme has a simple built-in object system that provides "C++"-like
  classes, and a C++ interface generator "xctocc", that was used to glue
  the "WxWindows" GUI (in C++) to MzScheme in the MrEd package.

  SCM can be used with X Windows with XSCM from MIT (or with TURTLSCM).
  MacSCM is a Macintosh applications building package (similar to XSCM).

MzScheme is the base for a bunch of other work at Rice, and is
pretty solid.

With a few load-time compatibilty hacks, my main Scheme application
runs on either one, same Scheme source.


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