Subject: Re: Refcount GC comment
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 1997/08/19
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <5tb4u6$>

J Bell <> wrote:
| And reference counting is such a dog.  It is bad enough that reference
| counting gives a performance hit proportional to use --- on a multithreaded
| system you have to sychronize reference count maintenance with
| EVERY THREAD ON EVERY USE!  Now instead of just bumping an indirect
| integer, you call into the OS for a locked read-modify-write cycle every
| time you pass the pointer around.

Not on all machines. For instance, MIPS architecture processors
[R4000 and later] have a pair of instructions -- "load link" and
"store conditional" (LL/SC) -- that can be used to do exclusive
access from user-mode only... and not just multi-threaded but also
multi-processor! And if you use the address of the heap object to
hash into a table of such locks, you can tune the space/speed tradeoff
however you like. Others processors such as the DEC Alpha, the IBM
RS6000, and the Power PC have similar capabilities.

[But don't take this as advocating ref counting, understand...  ;-}  ]

| I suppose that locked bus cycles will eventually become commonplace
| in user code just for this purpose...

Already are, on several commerical large SMP and CC/NUMA machines.
That's how you get near-linear scaleups [on some problems] with
dozens or hundreds of CPUs.

[Note: The locks are *not* implemented with "locked bus cycles"
exactly -- that would be way too slow! -- but with mechanisms
that provide equivalent effect.]

| but it seems to me that if we wanted specialized hardware for GC,
| we would have been better off with LispM's.

Yet another case where "general-purpose" caught up with (and surpassed?)
special-purpose (e.g, LispMs)...?


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