Subject: Re: Futures
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 1999/03/13
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <7ccdus$>
Kelly Murray  <kem@IntelliMarket.Com> wrote:
| Scheme has a similiar concept called "promises"...
| must FORCE the values before calling FOOBAR.
| [unless FOOBAR itself was recoded to call FORCE.]
| (foobar (force (promise (zip 1))) (force (promise (zap 2))))
| The astute reader will notice this code in fact will not
| execute in parallel at all, because the call to FORCE will
| immediately wait for the computation to finish, and thus
| the ZIP call must complete before the ZAP call is invoked
| as a promise, which also is immediately  waited for.
| The "fix" is to use a let to get the two processing running
| before forcing them:
| (let ((zip-1 (promise (zip 1)))
|       (zap-2 (promise (zap 2))))
|   (foobar (force zip-1) (force zap-2)))
| But unfortunately, this results in only TWO parallel operations,
| because the force call on zip-1 causes the current process to
| immediately wait for zip-1 to complete.

But this is not how promises are intended to be used in Scheme. 
Instead, it is expected that you *will* "recode FOOBAR" to pass
the promises down un-forced:

  (foobar (promise (zip 1)) (promise (zap 2)))

and that only where the value of an argument is actually needed would
the "force" eventually be done (if ever).

The downside (from a "futures" or "lazy-eval" sperspective) is that
everyone from "foobar" all the way down has to understand that any
given value might be a promise, and force it when necessary. Though
[as the standard explicitly permits] partial relief from this odium
can be gotten from:

- Implementations which allow "force" to be the identity operator
  when applied to non-promises;

- Implementations which implement "implied forcing" in primitives;

- Or simply use (define (force-if-needed x) (if (promise? x) (force x) x)).

Yes, it's "uglier" than futures, but not as disfunctional as you claim.


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