Subject: Re: Anyone knows a GUI-SDK or GUI-builder for Powerlisp on Mac ?
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 1999/08/04
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <7o94h8$>
Pierre R. Mai <> wrote:
| MzScheme, DrScheme and the rest are developed by Rice University's PLT 
| Group, at
| wxWindows is a cross-platform C++ GUI framework, which works under
| X11, Windows, MacOS and possibly others, IIRC.

And just to complete [or confuse?] the picture, the GUI-builder portion of the
PLT family is called "MrEd" <URL:>
and can be used without DrScheme, if you like, to build standalone GUI apps.
MrEd sits on top of MzScheme (and wxWindows) and provides:

	- A windowing toolbox for creating windows and menus 
	- A drawing toolbox for drawing to windows, bitmaps,
	  and printer devices 
	- An editor toolbox for creating multimedia editors 

	MrEd's GUI toolbox is integrated with MzScheme's thread system.
	MrEd dispatches events via synchronous (single-threaded) callback
	procedures, but also supports multiple eventspaces, which permit
	asynchronous (multi-threaded) event handling among different sets
	of windows. 

If I understand it correctly (and I may not), the layering is something
roughly (and with poor "ASCII art") like this:

                   |   \
                   |    Aries
                   |     Zodiac
                   |   /  McMicMac        [Hmmm... In the full DrScheme stack,
                  MrEd   /                 doesn't MzScheme need to take input
                   | \______               *from* McMicMac too...?]
                   |   /    \
                MzScheme   wxWindows
               /   |   \\ /    |  \
              /    |    \\ __  |   \
             /     |   / \   \_|____\
            /      |  /   \    |    \\
          DOS,  Unix+X  Win95/98/NT  MacOS
        BeOS, or
       No window support
        in these


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