Subject: Re: A string of a list
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 1999/12/09
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <82n8cp$>
Dorai Sitaram <> wrote:
| >(let ((result (car list-of-strings)))
| >  (map (lambda (s) (set! result (string-append result " " s)))
| >       (cdr list-of-strings))
| >  result)
| s/map/for-each/, because map does not guarantee that its second argument
| will be processed left-to-right.

True, but "map" *would* be the right thing to use if you wanted to avoid
"set!" for some reason (e.g., trying to avoid the write-barrier in a gen-GC).
The following works well enough, if you don't mind a little extra consing
due to the "append":

	> (define (string-append/spaces . list-of-strings)	; [Note#1]
	      ((null? list-of-strings)
	      ((null? (cdr list-of-strings))
	       (car list-of-strings))
		(apply string-append
		       (car list-of-strings)			; [Note#2]
		       (apply append
			      (map (lambda (x) (list " " x))
			           (cdr list-of-strings)))))))
	> (string-append/spaces)
	> (string-append/spaces "hello")
	> (string-append/spaces "hello" "there" "Joe")
	"hello there Joe"

Note#1: I took the liberty of adjusting the calling sequence to match
the null- and single-arg behavior of "string-append" (but also [Note#3]).

Note#2: Using the extended form of "apply" causes *another* implicit
"append", so a recursive helper procedure that did its own consing
*might* be a more efficient solution [depending on the relative speeds
of the builtin library & implicit "appends"]:

	(define (string-append/spaces . list-of-strings)
	  (define (aux ls)
	    (if (null? ls)
	      (cons " " (cons (car ls) (aux (cdr ls))))))
	    ((null? list-of-strings) "")
	    ((null? (cdr list-of-strings)) (car list-of-strings))
	      (apply string-append
		     (cons (car list-of-strings)
			   (aux (cdr list-of-strings)))))))

Note#3: Bonus question for newbies & students. Write a higher-order
procedure "make-string-append-with-separator" such that the above function
could have been instantiated with:

   (define string-append/spaces (make-string-append-with-separator " "))


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