Subject: Re: Scheme for DOS?
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 2000/05/28
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <8gqulh$g28u1$>
felix <> wrote:
| I'm looking for a Scheme- (or nearly Scheme) implementation that can
| run in DOS small model, that is: 16-bit, 64k code + 64k data space (sic!)
| Is there anything that could possibly work in that? It doesn't have to
| offer anything fancyful, just some kind of basic Scheme (or Lisp) -feeling.

I can think of two that are close to that size (and if a little over it
could probably be trimmed enough):

1. "TinyScheme" by Dimitrios Souflis (based on "MiniScheme" by Moriwaki
    and Kida). See <URL:>

2. "LispMe", by Fred Bayer. See <URL:>
   This one runs on the Palm Pilot!

Either one would probably need a bit of work to run on DOS, but they're
both pretty small...


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