Subject: Jaffer's "Schlep" [was: advice on small embeddable scheme ]
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 2000/08/08
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <8mnuld$e1v3m$>
felix <> wrote:
| BTW, has someone experience with Aubrey Jaffer's SCHLEP?
| There seems to be no documentation, just a source-file.

Well, there's <URL:>,
but other than that, no, no docs that I know of but the source.

| It's a kind of super-simple Scheme->C translator, right?

Simple, yes, but not "super-simple", IMHO. It does a number of things
a totally "dumb" translator wouldn't bother with, notably trying hard
to preserve comments in the C output, building #include'able .h files
along with the .c output, optimizing some tail calls, etc.

But really, IMHO, Schlep should be considered a "pattern" or meta-tool,
rather than a "finished" program. That is, if you look at the versions
of Schlep on Aubrey's site over a number of months or years (as I have),
you'd see that it's continually evolving, being tweaked, having things
added and removed, as he needed it to do something different for the
current task at hand. [In that way, again IMHO, it's also similar to Dorai
Sitaram's "Mistie" <URL:>,
a user-programmable document markup filter/post-processor.]

Personally, I tried using Schlep for a few things, but found that his
style of quasi-Hungarian typing didn't fit me very well, so I started over
from scratch to do something similar but using Common-Lisp-style typing.
[After trying for a while to graft it *onto* Schlep.]  [And, no, it's not
releasable yet, sorry.]

But YMMV, so do give Schlep a try. Who knows, it might fit you. And if
not, you'll (hopefully) learn enough about *why* it doesn't fit to bend
the pattern to your own tastes...


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