Subject: Re: Common Lisp and Python performance
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 5 Jan 2001 12:11:07 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <934dkr$ljgr1$>
Raymond Wiker  <> wrote:
| (Rob Warnock) writes:
| > I don't claim to be a Perl expert, but this code looks seriously
| > broken w.r.t. the RFC 822 syntax for headers. AFAICT it doesn't
| > handle continuation lines at all!!
|         It also doesn't handle header lines with embedded ": "
| strings, either... I guess this counts as an argument against Perl's
| supposed ease-of-use :-)
|         It seems that the final return address is going to be
| determined by the last header in the set {"From", "Reply-To"}. This is
| wrong; if Reply-To" is specified, it should be used - the ordering of
| the headers is (obviously) not important.

Exactly my point. People tend to write "quick & dirty" Perl that
*almost*-but-not-quite works for these sorts of tasks, whereas if
you actually handle all the edge conditions the logic of the program
gets quite complex. It isn't just a few dozen lines of Perl any more!

Yes, one can of course process RFC 822 messages "properly" in Perl, but
the code is large enough that personally I'd much rather be using Lisp.


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