Subject: primitive syntax [was: Re: Why CALL/CC is a procedure ]
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: 9 May 2001 04:13:35 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <9dag5f$6oas3$>
David Rush  <> wrote:
| Indeed. Scheme has very little "syntax". define, if, lambda, and set!
| (what am I missing?) very neaarly generate the whole language.

After whitespace & comment elimination, I usually consider there to be
nine pieces of "primitive syntax" -- perhaps "primitive expressions"
is a better term, since that's what's used in R5RS 4.1:

	quoted literals[*]
	procedure call [or application]
	define-syntax [or define-macro, or defmacro, or something equiv.]

plus one that often gets overlooked:

	begin [**]

Those are the minimum that a "toy" Scheme implementation has to implement
in the underlying virtual machine -- the rest can be done with macros.

Though, if you add some non-R5RS primitive reflective procedures to access
the global namespace, "define" can even be done as a macro that expands
to a procedure call something like "(define-global 'var val)" [albeit
making internal-define work properly becomes "interesting" -- you need
another reflective primitive procedure to tell the "define" macro the
context in which it's being expanded (top-level or not)].

Likewise, given that "read" contains the appropriate built-in reader macros
to convert backquote, comma, and comma-at to the canonical S-expr forms,
quasiquotation can be treated as "just" a library macro, handled as other
macros are, by "eval" (presumably also called by "load" and the REPL).


[*] I lump quote with literals, as R5RS 4.1.2 does, since the "quote"
    is always *legal*, just not always necessary (e.g., for numbers,
    strings, chars, or booleans).

[**] Top-level only, for sequences of definitions. A "begin" as a sub-
     expression can always be treated as a macro for a procedure call
     (unless you choose to make the internal implementation of lambda
     take only one body expression, then the "begin" expression also
     has to be primitive, internally at least).

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