Subject: Re: relocating
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 21:12:01 -0600
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp,comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <> <> wrote:
| Will Fitzgerald wrote:
| > I've moved to The feed will be at
| > Feel free to send me news of Lisp
| > or Scheme jobs to will.fitzgerald then an at sign followed by
| >, and I'll post them there if it seems post-worthy.
| Uhh, when I visited that site (with firefox) I got the message "
|         This XML file does not appear to have any style information
| associated with it. The document tree is shown below."
| and a bunch of XML code, granted even those who aren't LISP hackers
| could find all the information, but it is an eye sore.

You're looking at the RSS feed -- it's *supposed* to be like that.
The main <> site is plain HTML.


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