Subject: Re: A chess game implemented in Lisp
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 20:13:39 -0600
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Andr� Thieme  <> wrote:
| Pascal J. Bourguignon schrieb:
| > When you need to do anything meaningful, you must switch to the text,
| > and when you need to do anything productive, you must switch to
| > program.  GUI get in the way in both cases.
| I am not opposed to texts in any way, They are great.
| They are just not the tool of choice for a chess program.
| Just think about it. Why isn't chess played since thousands of years
| in the form of writing texts?

Uh... It *has* been, Andr�!! E.g.:
    White:  G. A. Anderssen
    Black:  J. Dufresne
    Opening:  Evans Gambit
    Location: Berlin, 1854
	White       Black
       -------     -------
     1. P-K4        P-K4
     2. Kt-KB3      Kt-QB3
     3. B-B4        B-B4
     4. P-QKt4      BxKtP
     5. P-B3        B-R4
     6. P-Q4        PxP
     7. O-O         P-Q6
     8. Q-Kt3       Q-B3
     9. P-K5        Q-Kt3

Although I will admit that this notation (which I learned as a child)
has been superceded lately amongst professionals by what is called
"algebraic chess notation", e.g.:
    This is Kasparov versus The World, a game played by Garry
    Kasparov over the internet against the rest of the world
    1. e4 c5
    2. Nf3 d6
    3. Bb5+ Bd7
    4. Bxd7+ Qxd7
    5. c4 Nc6
    6. Nc3 Nf6
    7. O-O g6
    8. d4 cxd4
    9. Nxd4 Bg7
    10. Nde2 Qe6
    11. Nd5 Qxe4
    12. Nc7+ Kd7


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