Subject: SFO Bay Area Lispniks 2007-12-11 dinner meeting
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 05:17:38 -0600
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme
Message-ID: <>
[Apologies for the late announcement. Most discussions of planning
for Bay Area Lispniks meetings take place on the mailing list
<> and
sometimes people forget to make an announcement here, too...]

If you live anywhere in the extended San Francisco Bay Area
[or just happen to be around for the day] you are cordially
invited to join a bunch of fellow lispniks for dinner Tuesday
evening, 2007-12-11, at 19:30 at:

    Suraj Restaurant
    2550 El Camino Real
    Redwood City, California 94063

    [It's only 5 min. from Hwy 101 & Woodside Rd. (Hwy 84). Driving
    directions here: <>]

If you're planning to come and haven't yet RSVP'd, please email
either Paul Legato <> or myself ASAP so we can
add you to the count we give to the restaurant tomorrow afternoon.
[But don't worry if you just show up; there'll be plenty of room.]


p.s. This is the second of a planned series of three gatherings
being held to kick off a "revived" Bay Area Lispniks schedule
[instigated by Paul Legato]. The first was back on November 27th
up in San Francisco (Hayes Valley neighborhood) at the "Suppenkuche",
a south German style beer hall with nice big tables and many
excellent beers and German food items. The third is still being
planned, but will probably be somewhere in the Oakland/Berkeley area.

p.p.s. To avoid missing out in the future, put yourself on the mailing
list <>,
which has very little traffic except for planning/negotiating
future meetings.  ;-}

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627 26th Avenue                 <URL:>
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