Subject: Re: Lisp user group culture
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 02:08:19 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Ron Garret  <> wrote:
|  Dan Bensen <> wrote:
| > Brian Adkins wrote:
| > > Just out of curiosity, which noobs are wanting to write their own Lisp?
| > 
| > All of us.  It's endemic to the language.
| And one of the main reasons no one ever gets any real work done.

Which is why I'm *so* glad I moved over to The Dark Side a few years
ago. I was spending all my time writing Scheme interpreters from
scratch and writing & re-writing libraries to go with them and getting
very little done with *using* it! But with Common Lisp, it's so *huge*
that [except for mythical figures such as Bruno Haible and Roger Corman]
no-one in his/her right mind would *ever* think of trying to write a
full CL from scratch by themselves!! [Hmmm... So maybe they *weren't*
altogether in their right minds!] Heck, it's even hard to just *learn*
the language completely, much less implement it.

Plus, I found that almost all of the little library functions I
had been writing & re-writing in Scheme are already *there* in CL
[usually already highly-optimized by the implementation], albeit
sometimes with non-obvious names [e.g., REMOVE-IF-NOT for FILTER,
or MISMATCH & SEARCH instead of MATCH]. I don't even use CL-PPCRE
very often.

So now that I'm not wasting my time on senseless re-implementations
of a base language, I can waste my time on writing & re-writing web
applications infrastructures in CL...  ;-}


p.s. Yes, I *do* have my own web application infrastructure, in
CMUCL, with a couple of "production" sites running since 2002 or so.
Very boring, since it "just works". The one on my own web site has
been been running the same image of CMUCL for 143 days now.

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