Subject: Re: The Road to Lisp
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 23:14:34 -0600
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <> <> wrote:
| > Cool. The main RtL page does not actually work (well, OK, the wiki
| > software does not work). I do not see a new "Paul" -- what was the name
| > of the page? I'll look for it using the search tool.
| I figured this out: The trick is that you have to call your page "Foo
| Bar's Road to Lisp", or it won't get indexed. (I called my page just
| Jeff Shrager, which doesn't wor right. Probably Paul did the same.)

I don't think that's entirely correct, or at least, not for *all*
of the indexing. For example, on the "The RtLS by Road" page I see
*lots* of people whose RtL response was of the form "Foo Bar", in
addition to those of form "Foo Bar's Road to Lisp", though the former
don't show up on the "The Road To Lisp Survey" page per se.

Aha! Here it is: On the "The Road To Lisp Survey" page, the
"responses to date" list is generated with this search:

    /("Road to Lisp" :attribute :title :match :substring :case-sensitive nil) 

whereas on the "The RtLS by Road" page (for example) the various
searches are by ":attribute :topic". I *suspect* [but don't know
for sure] that you'd catch everyone[1] if the "responses to date"
search on the "The Road To Lisp Survey" page were done this way

    /("RtL" :attribute :topic :match :substring :case-sensitive nil) 

Hmmm... Though maybe not... There are a few of the topic tags
suggested on the "The Road to Lisp Questions" page that *don't*
start with "RtL", so if there are people who left *only* those
topics in their pages (and no *(RtL ${whatever}) topics) then
you'd miss those.

Maybe we need a *(RtL All Answers) topic, and search on that... (?)


[1] Well, at least everyone who obeyed the instructions about
    not deleting or mutilating the *(RtL ${whatever}) topic tags.

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