Subject: Re: Chestnut Lisp translator
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2009 20:02:04 -0600
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
cartercc <> wrote:
| > Then skip it and do something else.
| Yeah, but you have to learn something well enough to use it before you
| can evaluate it. That's like learning to play a scale on a musical
| instrument and then giving it up because you don't see yourself making
| music. Masters of anything (and everything) will tell you that the
| ration of perspiration to inspiration is about 10 to 1, if not 100 to 1.

Hah! You have just made the very point so many people have been trying to
get you to see, and yet you *still* don't see it!! Yes, you're absolutely
correct: "You have to learn something well enough to use it before you
can evaluate it." And in the case of programming languages, the only way
you can learn one *is* to use it. [If that sounds recursive, well, it is.
You learn a little, you try to use what you've learned. That shows you
the next thing you need to learn, then you try using that. And so on.]

You *CANNOT* learn a language well enough to evaluate it without actually
programming at least a handful of *significant* (not toy) tasks in it,
any more than you can learn to play Bach without ever touching a keyboard.
Reading/discussing/criticizing/comparing musics is not *playing* music.
So *GET MOVING*!! As Kenny is so fond of saying [quite correctly, albeit
bluntly], "Shut up & code."

And then when you have real problems with your Lisp code, I assure you
that if you come back here and present what you've tried so far and say
what you expected it to do and also what it *did* do [including the exact
error message(s), if any, from your implementation] and why you think it
failed to meet your expectation, you will find this community more than
willing to help you with your code: helpful in explaining obscure nuances
of the ANSI Common Lisp Standard; helpful in suggesting better Lisp "style";
helpful in suggesting alternative algorithms.

Until then, however, do not be surprised if you continue to be treated
as a troll...


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