Subject: Re: Question about Lisp Coding Style
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:03:44 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Paolo Amoroso  <> wrote:
| Pascal Costanza writes:
| >> Not necessarily. I guess you don't read Linux Weekly News :)
| >
| > You're right. And this means I don't get the joke... :(
| Try this:
| - point your favorite browser to
| or just search for the string "lisp" from LWN's home page.

Good job, Paolo!! ;-}  ;-}  Item #2 in the search results:

	Common Lisp Utilities
	([Development] Posted Sep 22, 2003 19:32 UTC (Mon) by cook)
	A new Lisp-based project called Common Lisp Utilities has been
	launched. "Version 1.0, the first public release, contains code
	for data and control structures, financial functions, AI algorithms,
	math and cryptography." 

[Follow the link to see why the smileys...]

Some of the other results from the same search:

	Etiquette 0.3 announced
	([Development] Posted Sep 16, 2003 16:57 UTC (Tue) by cook)
	Etiquette version 0.3 is out. "Etiquette is "an interaction
	protocol construction toolkit. The project goal is to build a
	framework for rapid design of network communication code." The
	system is written in Common Lisp." 

	Gsharp 0.2 released
	([Development] Posted Sep 8, 2003 19:51 UTC (Mon) by cook)
	Version 0.2 of Gsharp, an interactive, extensible editor for
	musical scores written in Lisp, is available. 

	GNU CLISP 2.31 released
	([Development] Posted Sep 8, 2003 19:49 UTC (Mon) by cook)
	Version 2.31 of GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation, is available. 

	Macho 0.2 released
	([Development] Posted Sep 2, 2003 3:41 UTC (Tue) by corbet)
	Macho is a web archiving system for electronic mail, written in
	Lisp. Version 0.2 has just been released, with new support for
	better quoting highlighting, an improved message parser, and
	improved performance. 

	CL-GD 0.14 released
	([Development] Posted Sep 2, 2003 3:41 UTC (Tue) by corbet)
	Version 0.14 of CL-GD - a Common Lisp library for dynamic image
	creation - has been released. This is the first public release of
	CL-GD, which is built on top of the classic "GD" graphics library. 

	SBCL 0.8.3 released
	([Development] Posted Aug 29, 2003 17:26 UTC (Fri) by cook)
	Steel Bank Common Lisp version 0.8.3 is out. "This version,
	which now also builds on MacOS X, features new optimizations,
	improved compiler validation, support for automatic dowload and
	installation of code from CCLAN, the SB-THREAD:INTERRUPT-THREAD
	function and the usual bug fixes." 

	...and ~240 more...


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