Subject: Re: Any good free cross Plattform lisps ?
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 20:55:23 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Bill Atkins <> wrote:
| wrote:
| > Ken Tilton wrote:
| > > I suggest you ping Franz, Digitool, and Lispwroks for the precise
| > > numbers on how moch it has helped them to have those yobbo idiots
| > > slaving away at CMUCL instead of <gasp> simply buying a license to a
| > > real environment.
| >
| > I suggest you ping those "yobbo idiots" and ask how many of them are
| > slaving away at CMUCL simply because they could never afford to buy a
| > license from those commercial vendors in the first place.
| Also, your claim that the authors of CMUCL "could never afford to buy a
| license from those commercial vendors" (probably not true, btw) ...

Not even close to true. CMUCL was developed at -- wait for it --
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) [duh!], funded with grants from
the good ol' U.S. Department of Defense (specifically, DARPA),
under a contract which specifically placed the results into the
public domain. "Your tax dollars at work!!"  Enjoy, folks!

Yes, when its DARPA funding ran out in 1994, support/development
was picked up by community volunteers, which continues even today.
See <> for more details...


p.s. CMUCL's CLOS, LOOP, & CLX are derived from Xerox PARC's "PCL,
Symbolics LOOP [from code written at MIT], and IT's "CLX", respectively.
The copyrights on all of those pieces are "MIT-like", which is to say
about as open as you can get short of public-domain.

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