Subject: Re: Ruby performance woes
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 23:22:31 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Robert Maas, <lisp1.3.CalRobert@SpamGourmet.Com> wrote:
| Why not LHP (Lisp instead of Perl Hypertext Preprocessor)?

Why not, indeed? See:

I've been using that filetype since 2000 or so for my "appsrv"
infrastructure [which does dynamic loading/compiling/caching of
Lisp source files which use HTOUT to emit HTML (though CL-WHO
or HTMLGEN should also work as well)].

| Or from the other jargon starting point, why not LSP (Lisp instead
| of Java Server Pages)? OK, I see why we can't use LSP because it's
| ambiguous with LSP as alternative to LISP as file-extension for
| Lisp source files on MS-DOS/Windows systems that require
| three-character file-extensions...

Well, the reason I avoided it myself is that when I was developing
"appsrv" there was already a Lisp-based server from some SRI folks
that was using[1] that filetype, namely, "Lisp Server Pages":

Plus, the acronym LSP implies (correctly) that the pages are coded
in a style similar to ASP or JSP, that is, as native HTML with escapes
into code with some sort of "<% ... %>" brackets. I wanted to avoid
that association, since my pages would be "all Lisp" [see first two
URLs above].

So I went with "Lisp-Handled Pages" (LHP) instead.

Note: I certainly have no "lock" on LHP, any more than SRI has a "lock"
on LSP, see [2]; anyone is free to develop anything they want that uses
those filetypes. I *do* think it would be nice if the ones named LHP
used "pure Lisp" and the ones named LSP used "<% ... %>" escapes, just
to avoid confusion. [And, yes, I'm aware that by this convention PHP
should really be called "PSP". Foolish consistency, hobgoblins, etc.]


[1] Hmmm... <>
    says that the project was suspended as of 2001-06-24, though there
    seems to have been at least one more release on 2001-07-06 [to run
    under LispWorks on Windows].

[2] There's an example of coding up a lightweight LSP processor here:

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