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tac_plus 4.0 and autoconf

by Zach Beane

This page is for my mini-project to use autoconf to manage compilation and features in cisco's TACACS+ server, tac_plus. I'm basing all these changes off version 4.0.2 alpha from cisco's FTP site. To avoid confusion, I've appended xach_autoconf to the version. I thought about making a patch, but it was pretty big (due to the new files added by autoconf).

All changes that I make will be available under the license that cisco provides for tac_plus, which is quite relaxed. And of course, there is NO WARRANTY for this software.

Download Now from my files section.

What's New

February 22, 1999 - version 0.12

version 0.6


I wanted to add some Mysql logging and authentication features to tac_plus, and I figured the easiest way to manage it would be via autoconf. These changes aren't implemented yet, but autoconf transition will make it easier to add.

How to Help

If you are building tac_plus+autoconf on a system that isn't correctly handled, I'd really love it if you fix it and send me a patch :-). If you can't do that, ./configure output and config.log files are almost as good. Any "make" output is good too.

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Zach Beane
December 3, 1998