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February 9

GFig Updated
Andy Thomas has added a few new features to his GFig vector drawing plugin. More information is available at Andy's homepage.

New Versions Of Megaperls
Sven Neumann recently announced updates to his indispensible Megaperls Script-Fu scripts. Check 'em out.

Lighting For 0.99.x
Tom Bech has created an alpha version of his excellent Lighting plugin. It now works with GIMP 0.99.x (with some limitations). Get it here.

Nifty Tutorial
Carey Bunks dropped me a note to let me know about a photo touch-up and enhancement tutorial he's put online. It's an excellent read; it has lots of screenshots and offers tips that can be easily applied to other situations.

January 30

New GIMP UserManual
Karin and Olof have updated the GIMP UserManual to include a few things that were omitted accidentally. It's available on ftp.gimp.org.

New, Fast IRC Server In Europe
Byxnet, the tiny IRC network that time forgot, recently got a new server in Germany. It's got a very fast link to the US part of Byxnet. The hostname is pandora.hrz.uni-bielefeld.de, and it can also be reached at germany.irc.gimp.org. If you're in Europe, hop on IRC and visit us in #GIMP. We promise to be helpful and courteous. Well, for a little while anyway.

January 26

GIMP 0.99.18 Released
Manish Singh announced today that the latest version of GIMP is now available for download at GIMP.org or mirrors. Note that this version requires GTK 0.99.3, which is also available from GIMP.org.

January 23

New GIMP User Manual
Karin and Olof have just completed version 0.9 of the GIMP User Manual. It's now 262 pages long (!) and is available on ftp.gimp.org. Changes listed for 0.9 are more plugin documentation, new information on GIMP core behavior, new graphics and better examples, and more proofreading and correction.

IRIX 0.99.17 Binaries
Michael Sweet recently sent out an announcement of three new tardist files for SGI IRIX platforms: basic GIMP, GIMP extras, and a free fonts collection. They're available from Michael's homepage, ftp site, or a mirror.

In a separate message, Michael also announced he had released updated versions of his Print and Despeckle plugins, available from the Registry or from Michael's homepage.

January 22

New GTK Available
There's a new GTK (version 0.99.3) available for download at ftp.gimp.org. This new version does not work with GIMP 0.99.17, so don't get it unless you want to be on the bleeding edge of GTK development and you don't care about GIMP for a few days.

January 19

Byxnet Grows Again
Byxnet, the tiny IRC network that hosts GIMP developer chat in #gimp, just got a little less tiny yesterday with the addition of the server orion.olg.com, port 6667. It's physically located in Maryland. Hop on and join #gimp and we'll try to entertain you as best we can.

January 14

OS/2 GIMP Project Started
Adrian Gschwend at the OS/2 Netlabs recently wrote to let me know that they are beginning work on an OS/2 version of GIMP. If you're a fan of OS/2, this project will soon give you a way to run GIMP without having a Unix box close by.

January 12

HP-UX GIMP Binaries
From Richard Lloyd comes this notice:

HP-UX-buildable source ("out-of-the-box") and dynamic binaries for HP-UX 10.20 are now available for GIMP 0.99.17 and GTK+ 0.99.2 for the first time on the Net (changes have been fed back as patches, hopefully for inclusion in the next release). See here:

http://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk/hppd/hpux/X11/Graphics/gimp-0.99.17/ and http://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk/hppd/hpux/X11/Toolkits/gtk+-0.99.2/

Non-GIMP Stuff
I live in the northeast U.S. which was recently slammed with the worst ice-storm of the century. I've spent the past five days living out of my office building. I've been trying to keep a thumb on the GIMP pulse but I may have missed a few beats. If you've sent me any mail in the past few days that hasn't made it onto GIMP News, please send it again.

January 6

GIMP Blurb In Linux Gazette
This month's Linux Gazette has a quick blurb about GIMP in it (look about halfway down the page). It's probably old news to you veteran GIMP users but it's got some interesting info if you haven't tried GIMP out yet.

January 5

New GIMP.Org Contest
The fun-loving folks who run contest.gimp.org have announced the end of voting on the most recent contest (with results to be posted soon) and a new contest awaiting submissions. The challenge: develop an animated logo (a.k.a. "spinner") for the cool GTK-based Gzilla web browser.

January 4

GIMP 0.99.17 and GTK+ 0.99.2 have been (almost) simultaneously released, and they're both available from ftp.gimp.org. The new GIMP requires GTK+ 0.99.1 or higher, so be sure to upgrade GTK if you upgrade GIMP.

"True" Lens Flare: FlareFX
The Registry recently got a new FlareFX plugin, and while GIMP has had GFlare for a while, GFlare was a rough simulation of what a real lens flare is. FlareFX seems to be a more realistic lens flare.

December 30

New Cotting Plugins
Daniel Cotting has recently uploaded quite a few new updated plugins to the Registry. One of them is a replacement to his Julia and Mandelbrot fractal explorers: a new, improved, unified Fractal Chaos Explorer.

December 19

Contests! Prizes! Fame!
The ultra-cool gimp.org guys have set up a new hostname, contest.gimp.org, where you can participate in the monthly contests and try to win fabulous prizes! Go vote for your favorite in this month's contest!

December 17

GIMP 0.99.16 and GTK 0.99.0 (note the new naming scheme) were both recently released. They are both available from gimp.org or mirrors.


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