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Tips, Tricks, and More

Tips, Tricks, and other Stuff

Kai Krause
Without question, the biggest help I have in designing grapics elements is Kai's Power Tips and Tricks online. Although the tips are designed primarily for Adobe Photoshop, the techniques and theory adapt exceedingly well to the GIMP. There are also several great tips on the MetaTools homepage, as well as some interesting biography on this image manipulation master.

Me (Zach Beane)
  • Layers Introduction
  • Trippy Circles (0.99.x only)
  • Annoyances!
  • Plug-ins: Before and After
  • How to add fonts to X, and GIMP in the process.
  • How to make punched-out text.
  • Quck and dirty relief tricks
  • Better than relief: Bump Mapping Rules!
  • Bump Mapping II: Canvas textures
  • Funky Cow Textures
  • Working in HSV space
  • Rough Text the Easy Way
  • Ghostly Halos and Auras
  • Fun with Tiles
  • Lots of Typefaces are no longer available
  • Channel Ops Illustrated

    Other Tips and Tricks
  • How to add new plugins to the GIMP by Frederico Mena Quintero
  • Frozen Text by Ed Mackey
  • Math plugin tips by Jan Hubicka
  • A saucerful of GIMP tips by Michael J. Hammel
  • GIMP: Tips! Tricks! & Fun! by Kang SoonLai

  • Tasteful Animated GIFs using the GIMP, from Hank Shiffman
  • Detailed Composite Example by Freddy Golos for GIMP 0.54.
  • Creating rounded text by Mike Phillips
  • Looking Behind the GIMP by Thomas Schulze

    GIMP Home Page
    The GIMP home page has a set of tutorials for GIMP-specific actions. Ignore the cross-fading tutorial; you can do that in one step with the Composite chanop. (sorry Toby)