Subject: Re: Thoughts on Franz Inc., ACL pricing, etc.
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1997/03/30
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Cyber Surfer
| If any Windows developers are reading this, and have tried this tactic
| and made it work, then I'd appreciate any advise you can give me.  Erik's
| advise seems to be just to do it, as he's said nothing about how to deal
| with the consequences. In fact, he seems to be denying that there _are_
| any consequences. Perhaps I've misunderstood him? I don't think so, but
| if I have, then I'd appreciate knowing what it is that I've missed.

fuck you, Martin Rodgers.  your incessant use of the word "deny" to try to
make your opponents appear to say something very different from what they
do in fact say is so foul play, so dishonest, so disgustingly manipulative
that it pales in comparison to the extremely negative marketing campaigns
against Lisp and Lisp vendors that you seem to enjoy perpetrating.  that
you're too damn stupid to understand what you're doing, doesn't help.

cut the crap, will you, and go back to work.  with your campaigns against
Lisp, I would really be surprised if anybody ever let you near a Lisp job.
considering the campaigns where you lie about what others "deny", I would
very much doubt that anybody who have read your crap will let you out of
your C++/Windows hell.  if anybody deserve programming for Windows, you do.

| While Erik may be speaking for the Lisp programmers free of the limited
| demands of most Windows people, is it not possible that I might be
| speaking for those programmers who are less fortunate?

"less fortunate"?  may whatever god you believe in destroy you!  you're a
lazy, whining bum, and that's all.  your situation has nothing whatsoever
to do with being "fortunate" -- you don't do shit to improve your own
condition, you only want others to provide you with "features" you "need"
without making the slightest effort to get there yourself.  while some of
us have worked hard for years to use Lisp in a commercial setting, you have
the _gall_ to call yourself "less fortunate"!

get the hell out of the way.

I'm no longer young enough to know everything.